"12 Types of Women You Should Date" - Ask Men

I spotted this article whilst searching for something unrelated:


As with the articles in Cosmopolitan and other women's glossies (see other thread!), there's a lot here that's trite or blindingly obvious. Still, I found myself checking out the criteria, and I saw that my lovely wife is a resounding match with many of the (stereo-)types:

  • Miss Sweet
  • Miss Best Friend
  • Miss Loyal
  • Miss Secure
  • Miss Low Maintenance

... and, of course:

  • Miss Right For You

(I'm ignoring the backhanded compliment that is Miss Personality!)

It's probably not surprising to find a few hits given the wide range of traits on the list -- except that I recall that I dated quite a few women whom I wouldn't regard as fitting any of these criteria.

So, is the article a load of pointless tripe, or does it have something of a point?

I met someone who meets all those criteria..and is Miss Totaly Honest and Miss Completely Stoic too...women can multi task lmao

There's also a lot that's just plain nasty, as if only a small percentage of women were even worth dating.

How about simply saying that many woman have great qualities which make for a fantastic relationship and well worth your time even if we don't look like air-brushed celebrities?

Have to admit think it is nonsense really. People know that being disloyal isn't good for a relationship. On the other hand i have a friend who bless her is incredibly high maintenance (she does know) but her partner has said he likes it. Makes him feel needed, suppose it just depends what people want from a relationship