12lbs per inch torque of thrusting

as anyone seen the caesar sex machine at love honey,which delievers 12lbs per inch of torque of thrusting and 280 pumps a minute ,pumping action on a fully adjustable frame that folds away under your bed,certainly looks good,but the price £999 better start saving.

Mmh, looks like fun.

hmm i dont see why so much money though, i definately wouldnt :S

It looks like crap until you see the video and realize how big it actualy is. Still having said that two points to make
1. It appears very expensive for what it is.
2. Does it have an adjustable stroke because we watched the video last night and think it may have a stroke of about 7"
i.e. The length of the dildo it comes with. If this is the case then most ladies don't want to start with that much.
Am I right girls!

i agree it is expensive at £999 - it,s gone down to £834.55 but would be more desireable at half price,i wonder what it would be like to do a work out whilst using it.

I saw this at a show in the America. It's extremely well made, very strong and extremely quiet, (well I couldn't hear it above the noise of the show anyway). I guess it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. The official american site sells them for $1500.00, so it is marginally cheaper to buy it on lovehoney, once you take VAT, shipping and import costs from the US into account.
Plus I woudn't want to talk to customs about it should they open it!

Tracey .......THIS WOULD BE A WORK OUT !!!

"Goodness! It even has attachments for men and for women. Can just imagine the arguements if you both wanted to use it at the same time...!"

Happy, I think if you were having such an argument, you could probably just put the toy away...

ive watched the video and i still wouldnt want that thing anywhere near me!!!

Are you kidding? Y'all, this thing is so very much on my Christmas list...MAN, I need a personal Santa.

haha no im not kidding, id rather have my man doing something that looks alot better and more effective than that or even my simple little toys look preferable to that..i really dont see the appeal unless wierd looking machinery turns you on :S

Would be quite prepared to give it a test.....but somehow don't think anyone will be sending these out as freebies !

I would if I had one to give.

Hehe me's got freebies to try

Oh yes Bubbles and what's your pussy delight sampling then ???

Me's got a toy to review oooooooo

whatever it is, ENJOY! Thier nothing better than a new toy to play with....espically making & leaving that pussy wet>>>HAVE FUN....

look sgood but its expensive a grand for a sex machine lol

i think i should find myself some attachments 4 my multi gym ,& do a full body work out & >> a strap on to be able 2 fit on my bench..well it,s certainly be much cheaper >>> why didn,t i think of this before.

haha that sounds more like it!! less mechanical definately more my kinda workout than the gym :D