1st time anal

So me and the OH have been talking about anal sex, I said I'm willing to let her penetrate me if I can do it to her. Shes agreed so I went and ordered us a strap on set and she looks lush init, we've decided to take it slow and thought be best for a few toys first to get us into it, she's bought me a prostate toy to use and thinking of trying it this weekend. Any tips and advise me great full and how will I know I've hit my spot?

Thanks Mr GJT

You'll definitely know!!!

I can only go in my own experience but once the spot is being hit this is what it feels like for me:

Even though my I'm hard it doesn't feel it, it almost goes numb. I feel like I'm desperate for a p!ss but let that feeling go and relax and enjoy it. Then (not every time) after a while I come, sometimes I have to help that process along, which is weird and great at the same time due to the numb feeling.

Hope that helps.

Don’t expect returns immediately, it can take a few to several play sessions to really get the payoff so to speak, takes a bit for your body and brain to adapt to the new sensations.

Thanks, bit nervous and have the whole taboo of it not being normal still floating around in my head. Suppose that will soon go once I've done a few times and found what works best for me.