I just ordered my 3 new additions to my toy collection after recieving an email from Lovehoney, they have these 3 vibes on at £1.99 each so I thought at that price have all three :P here are the links to all three take a look ..
I of course got 2 in pink and the other in purple .. :P

are they good?

I just ordered them today... wait for my up and "cumming" reviews.. which should be online by next week!

You're just a sucker for the pink and purple theme aren't you :-)

Hang on - I never got that email!...

heheheh you know me already !!!
Maybe I'm special cos I get lots of emails!!

So do I sweetie, but they're all trying to sell me Viagra or investment schemes in Colombia. :-(

That Mini Contour vibe you ordered is a weird shape! Do you have a fetish for bendy cocks? :P

Ooh, I was looking at the first two of those and thought they looked alright. And now they're only £1.99... Damn, that's tempting. I think I'll resist the urge 'til I've seen your reviews, though. Mind you, knowing my luck they'll probably be sold out by then...

@ Bath-Bi-Guy of course I have a fetish for weird shaped bendy cocks!! but also I cant resist a bargin ;)
I have to say it sucks to be you getting those kinds of emails:P
And @ miss -nomer the vibes are only on sale until stocks I hope I can review quick enough for you to still get yours :D

if theyre still in stock when youve reviewed i may have to purchase a couple too..the purple one is so pretty :D hehe

all these vibs have now been dis continued just to let u guys know

ah well never mind..we'll just have to look for more hehe