3 Good things for the day

In the spirit of loving and appreciating life, can you think of 3 things that made you feel good today? Whether it be going for a bic ride, walking the dog, catching up with a friend, having a home cooked meal or even just staring at the clouds.

Mine for today
1. Received a LH package
2. Groomed the dogs
3. Baked choc chip cookies

1. Had a creme egg McFlurry

2. Used my LH deluxe magic wand, with G-spot attatchment

3. Made plans to go out Friday evening

1 received package from LH
2 opened package from LH
3 used toys within package from LH to achieve a massive orgasm :)

1. My latest toy review went live

2. Getting a shower finally when our bathroom get done up this time next week

3. Realise it's friday tomorrow.

Saw a happy foal charging around.

OH at pamper session.

New poetry ideas appearing in my thoughts.

1. Got bathrooms cleaned

2. The weather

3. Going to have a Big Mac meal with hubby tonight!

1. Used my new toy X2 solo and with my hubby = amazing orgasms

2. Made guacamole, yummerz

3. Learnt a new italian expression, 'affari tuoi' mind your own business

So dispite everything else I had a good day.
Great reading others good things of the day: poetry, McDonalds, cleaning bathrooms, getting new showers, kid snakes, receiving and enjoying LH purchases...
It's the little things that makes all the difference

Got a massage

Got my long awaited LH parcel. (10 days of anticipation)

Listened to a new audio book

1. Got woken up by OH giving BJ

2, We've got big plans for Sat night

3. It's nearly Saturday

1.its pay day

2.im off all weekend

3.my OH is off this weekend 😉

1 - Currently in bed with a large collection of junk food and no plans for the day!

2 - New cartilage rings arrived

3 - No lectures until next Monday :D

1. The sun is shining :)

2. I got a LH tester - YAY!

3. It's nearly the weekend!!

1. Got picked to test a toy for LH :)

2. I bought new shoes

3. I bought some new clothes

1. It's Friday

2. I found a gorgeous chemise in the staff box

3. It's almost British Summer Time. Just over a week to go!

1. Had some positive news

2. My other-half made me a lovely bath and then gave me a massage

3. We had some kinky tie-up sex and spanking session

1. Its a lovely sunny day

2. Cleaned my house with butt plug in, was fun :)

3 Ordered some sexy lingerie from LH which comes with a free chemise

1. I had my bits waxed and it feels sooooo much better.

2. It's my oh birthday soon that makes me smile

3. Just because ..it's Friday

addictedtohb wrote:

Reading this really cheered me up today! Had a bad day but this has made me smile thank you!

I'm glad it cheered you up :) Puts a smile on my face too

So what are your 3 good things for today? I'm sure you can find something good, the simplest things count.

1. I'm not dead yet

2. I didn't get fired

3. I've got a weekend now

addictedtohb wrote:

1. 1st day of my holiday today

2. my bf has his 1st weekend off this year tomorrow

3. spring cleaning my wardrobe

See wasn't that hard. When I have a bad day this is what I do, I try to find at least 3 goods things and some days its hard but eventually I come up with 3 things and it actually makes me feel a little better.

Hope you and your bf gets to spend some qt together. Have fun this weekend!

This reminds me I desperately need to do some spring cleaning...