3 hours to get the huge tip of this dong up my ass!

I tried for 3 hours to get the huge tip of this dong up my ass using 1 tube of ky 1 bottle of astroglide and anbesol toothache reliever. I remembered how it numbs anything it touches so I rubbed it in over and around my bunghole. Without any and all feeling gone from my ass I sqirted ky on the dong ang splitting my asscheeks wide I lowered my ass onto the dong and saw it enter me ! I attempted for 10 minutes to take it 1/2 way in my ass! Finally it worked itself in deeper each thrust! I without feeling in my asshole began to ram the dong in as hard as I could! All of a sudden I was cumming from anal penetration and almost died when I saw my very own rectal augmentation! I was able to pull it out and see a gaping anus so big a tennis ball could have fallen inside my asshole without touching the sides of my swollen and profoundly wider and deeper ass. Using this I now regularly enjoy being anally dp'd , fisted and now can and have aptly satisfied 8-10 cocks at once from having taken this 1000 times up the asshole!Although now I dont enjoy slim cocks less than 7 inches, I only take 7.5 or more inches long thick and strong or an extra giant latex dong!

8-10 cocks at once! How do you do that? Can't imagine the positioning!!! This must work wonders if you can get fisted also. I think I know someone who would like me to get this toy, but not sure I could handle it!

Sorry if I sound ignorant but how do girls get pleasure of up the ass stuff - I'm a gay man & love it up the bum because I have a prostate to stimulate. What do you girls get out of it?

Girls get indirect g-spot stimulation from my understanding, also the feeling of being that full might help!

analBliss could give you more details nodoubt :D

It really does depend on the girl, and also who she is playing with if anyone!

My first partner was obcessed with anal so I said I'd try it for him, he was clumsy, selfish and it hurt so I refused it after, any time he 'slipped' in that direction it was unpleasant. I however anally penetrated him frequently.

The next partner I wouldn't let near me that way because I just didn't trust him but I did get a butt plug for curiosity, to use on him once or twice and tried it on myself - this was far better experience.

The third and current partner I let roger me up the bum, and amazingly it was great! he's no smaller than the first but instead of pain it is increadible intense pleasure that make me orgasm within monents and keep me cumming multiple times and very intense. If he just touches my ring with his finger while taking me doggy style I am climbing the walls, biting the pillow and waking the neighbours! It is however kept for occasional use and Spoons position is best for penile penetration to me.

Clitoral stimulation while having anal sex is amazing too, or having both holes filled at once, such different feelings for both of them... but not with anything of size for me, I'm a good girl. Honest!

lol, i agree entirely Miss Kitty (hello by the way!), never enjoyed anything to do with my backside before meeting Mr Hobbesy but he really took his time making sure i was comfortable enough with it before going for the push as it were, and it was pretty mindblowing. It isn't an everyday thing coz you hae to be really in the mood for it to be that good, so when we do its fab.

In answer to the question of what's in it for the girls, not 100% sure which one thing it is, its the feeling of being full, and any stimulation whilst having anal sex is made more intense, but i think a big deal of it is the turn on of the fact that you're doing it. Its a lot in the mind at times for us girls remember, get us really turned on and we Hooooooowwwwllllll the house down

Its the pure intensity of it that does it for me, it literally takes your breath away. And you know its just driving your partner wild and making you both feel so dirty and turned on to the max. Makes you growl with pleasure and act like a porn star! If done well and carefully at first it is amazing, but if the person just rushes on in there it can be very painful indeed, not a pleasant experience, so you have to take it slow and when its in then you can go for it until you're both screaming the place down. There is no way you can be quiet when having anal, unless of course you are gagged, lol!!! Anal is great.

When my partner fingers my ass he hits my g-spot too which is just totally mind-blowing. And the whole (excuse the pun - not really intended) feeling of being stretched (both vaginal and anal at the same time) while rubbing your clit is so good I nearly faint when i orgasm. I'm totally addicted! lol

Looks like something I will have to look in to, ....not going to attempt to shove 9 inches of silicone up my arse any time soon, will leave that to the pros ;)

hi , have you seen my review on the 9-inch extra thick vibrating cock.That would make your eyes water,a treat not to be missed.

sorry I didn't state that my last message was for officer cadet analBliss.Hope you give it a try.you won't be disappointed.

Hi all!

AnalBliss- I'm so jealous. I aspire to be an anal slut to that degree! I got my dick Rambone 18" today, lots of work to do, I want that whole length inside me...

i really like this toy i use one before i do anal dps it opens you ass up so two hard cocks can fit nicely in your ass

i was wonndering if anyne know where I can get dildo's for free

peeled cucumbers are good - you might find them a little cool at first use it in front of your partner and after you come have her/him eat it - a pleasure for both

wow ... that's some dildo!
until I read this thread I was an anal virgin ... so I though "why knock it if you haven't tried it?"
popped my anal cherry with my trusty Las Vegas Jelly dildo whilst using a clit vibrator, but can't help wondering how good it would be with both my holes filled

..getting damp thinking about it!

That is some size....mm I wonder if I could manage something that big.
Will have fun trying.

Sounds rather crazy, I can't see why I would want something that large inside me... Hmm... maybe one day!

Sorry, but ten cocks in your ass at the same time? Total fantasy IMHO. Dildos maybe, at a stretch (forgive the pun) but ten guys positioned around your ass - they'd need four foot long dicks to get close enough!

Ditto Strapon !!!