3sum or more sum

hey all just after some advice... me n the GF are thinkin of tryin a 3sum however its the first time eithere of us hav tryed this. so we just after some advice from male and female we not sure weather 2 go for a MMF or a FFM or maybe even a 2nd couple think we will be usin a websight 2 find the other person(s) as friends seem a little 2 close to home. just wonderin what experiances other people hav had and whether a 3sum in a seriouse relationship has worked or proven 2 be the breaker??? thanks 2 any who reply


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at the top of the page is a search button for the forums if u type 3somes ect into it your find many topics on this subject and hopefuly ur find ur answears in there :)



Here's your starter for 10 !!!!


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