47 and started squirting

Hi all

I'm 47 years old and recently I started to squirt and have multiple orgasms I can easily experience 10 orgasm just by my husbands foreplay. I have never squirted before but find myself squirting during one of the multiple orgasms is this an age thing ? Lol


Aww, I'm so happy for you that you discovered that you can have squirting orgasms!

I was a bit over 20when I found out I can squirt and my life has never been the same since. It doesn't need to be an age thing, I think it has more to do with feeling comfortable in your own body and having a partner that can make you squirt! =)


Agree with Smultron...1st squirted at 19 with boyfriend...then went years and years before I was with anyone else who made me squirt. Also it's only been with blokes who I've felt totally at ease with and massively attracted to...squirt several times...also with masturbation..I need a picnic blanket and towel under my ass...🤣🤣


My wife has just recently started squirting and ejaculating milky fluid in the last year. She's 67. She was embarassed at first butI I love it.

We've taken to having a towel handy too.

Sounds fab uktwo! I live in hope that I will squirt one day! I have come to the conclusion that either I can't or I have a mental block with it.... Still it's fun trying!

Not so good when one bloke had no idea and made me feel very embarrassed...and another so damn good at oral I squirted 💦💦 heavily all over his face and he was spluttering and coughing...same bloke with his foot and squirted 💦💦 all up his leg...and another was that upset his bed was soaked he bought a new mattress... 😱😱

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Woah a new mattress?! Jilly that made me laugh, I am rather working on the basis that my OH would love to receive a face full or have to help clean up the puddle!! It hadn't actually occurred to me that not everyone might be so keen 😂

They were idiots for not being appreciative! 💦

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I’d love to have a squirter 🥖💦

I’d love to have a squirter 🥖💦

Two Squirters Gazza 64?? 🤣🤣

Yeah hun because your worth it 😘

I was 28 when I realised I could squirt. It was the first time I used my first G-spot toy from Lovehoney. I didn't even know what it was, so I had to look it up. Lol.

I don't know if it's an age thing. I think for me, it was because the right tool was used for the job. Now I can only seem to squirt with firm, curved toys. I like knowing what works as I will know when to put a towel down or two.

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wow! sounds good

welcome to new life :D

I first squirted about 18 months ago in my mid 30s. It wasn't an age thing with me, it was a bloke thing. One with talent and attitude and who made me feel safe and totally relaxed. It is a fair bit easier now with practice.

I’m so jealous; I’ve never had that happen to me despite my partner being very talented, LOL. Maybe one day or maybe my body is just not built that way. :frowning:

My wife seems to hold back from squurting. She feels as if she is going to pee when I massage her G spot( is that normal) and i think that is holding her back. I’d really love it if she gushed as I want her to experience as much enjoymentas possible and cum over me, although she is very wet when aroused.
Advice from what you experience would help im sure.