50 Shades nipple clamps slight burning

So I decided to indulge and buy/try nipple clamps. I’ve in the past few months discovered just how much I enjoy them being sucked and played with and much more recently lightly bite. So after watching the jess wilde video on them I decided to buy a pair.

I’ve worn them a few times and like them but notice a minor burning sensation when they are on not like painful but like actual heat burning? If that makes sense. Was wondering if thats normal or if anyone else has felt it?

I feel it nearly as soon as they go on and I do not even bring the pressure to the half way point. I typically have left them on under 5 minutes.

I’ve got a few different pairs and I can’t say I’ve ever had that! I don’t have the 50 shades ones so can’t comment on those specifically.

Do you get the same sensation if you pinch them with fingers?

Slightly, it’s weird I can pinch harder with my fingers and still not get the same reaction.

Be a bit before we can get in some sexy times, he has his kids for two weeks. That is a good point that I hadn’t considered about the size being the difference and cause. Like I said it’s not painful or something that I’m super concerned with just wasn’t expecting it.


Keep an eye on it for pain or irritation etc but its probably just how your brain interprets the new sensations.

Thank you I will, I’ve also made sure to look at the color and such as well. Tried them again and even gave a little pull on them and nope no pain so ya thinking it’s just the sort of sensation I feel.

Was thinking as its something new for you and then with pressure and constriction of blood and all the nerves etc :slight_smile:

I absolutely Love these clamps, and I have no issues with a burning sensation that you mention. I would suggest that maybe you are allergic to the silicone, which is a shame. Unfortunately I’m unable to give you any advice other than Stop using them. :crossed_fingers: you can get this sorted as it’s a lovely experience.

Definitely not allergic to silicone, I tend to stick to that for all my plugs or p-spot massager. Like I said it’s not a bad sensation and I enjoy them. Just wasn’t expecting it, I’m inclined to think Alicia4ever is right and that it’s just the narrow pinch.

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