50 Shades of Grey - Vibrating Stroker

I recently bought this product and it is great, however, now that I need to charge it, I stick the charging pin through the silicone in the correct location, but I cannot find the socket inside. I know, it’s the old story, (if there was only hair around it, I would find it!:rofl:)
Seriously though, has anyone had the same problem, I’ve been trying for about an hour and I’m very tempted to open it up to see what I’m doing, but I’d obviously prefer not too, hence why I’m here.


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Hi @Xxxkinky and welcome to the forum :blush:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues :slightly_frowning_face:

Have you tried applying a little bit of pressure/force to push through any internal seal?

Other than that, I’d recommend getting in touch with customer care, they may have some tips or tricks to help :crossed_fingers:t2:

They might also have an idea if it seems faulty. I’ve always found them really helpful :+1:t2::blush:

I’d definitely resist opening it up to figure out what’s going on, even though I’m sure the temptation is itching (I know it would be for me!!) :grin:

Good luck!


I’m not sure about that specific product but with hidden charging ports the pin normally has to go in at an angle towards the base

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Sounds like a right fumble in the dark! Keep trying and hopefully you’ll find the right hole :crazy_face::sweat_smile:

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