70% sale! Recommendations?

70% sale time! Just wondered how we are all making the most of it...

We like bodystockings and I picked one up today which was £19.99 and added a reviews' discount, got it for £4.50:


Which bargains would you recommend?

These are fun.


Ian Chimp wrote:

These are fun.


Enjoy! Not my thing but my OH likes nipple play - this might be a bit outside of his comfort zone as we are still getting used to using toys together, but I bought the Mantic Rabbit Ears thinking they could be used in that way too...

We've had our set for ages. They say 'advanced' on them but I think I overstretched them the first time I opened them out so they're really not pinchy at all. 🙂 Mrs Chimp uses them mainly for decoration, and I have to admit I quite like the look of a bit of boob jewellery. 🙂

Oh they are lovely. Hubby loves nipple jewellery and likes me to wear my clamps. These look so much more comfy to wear out. I'm really thinking of having one or both pierced but at nearly 59 Have I left it a bit late. Xx

I've never thought of boob jewellery, being rather small in that department. I thought you all meant for men! I don't think I'd like pinchy but decorative might be worth a try. I prefer a sort of cupping massage hand motion, but who knows?

Back to the original 70% off: watcha got?