90% of men have a penis size between 4 and 6.3 inches erect

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Yeah I'd say thats about right, averagly across the world, think the UK sits somewhere in the middle.

well thankfully my husband is not one of them.

Not surprised no.

Maybe now Mr LMH will believe me when I tell him he is above average!

Side question do any other men question their own size even if OH says you are big?

Lilmiss x

No I'm pretty confident in my size, especially if this is a world average and my OH has top me so, and I completely agree. Maybe he doubts you because he's not very confident. Just keep assuring him you're perfectly happy with him and hopefully he'll start believing you.

I'm not surprised no...I always tell me hubby how he's well above average 🙌

Thank you, seriously he is a good few inches bigger than the largest average, so he is very well endowed and I do find it strange that he thinks I just say it to make him feel good! The boy has had me in hospital with bruised cervix and a few other related injuries lol I think he not so confident about his size because of his previous relationships but it's not an issue as in it doesn't affect our sex life or his performance! I honestly just wondered whether others experienced the same?

Lilmiss x

Lilmisshottie wrote:

Maybe now Mr LMH will believe me when I tell him he is above average!

Side question do any other men question their own size even if OH says you are big?

Lilmiss x

Yep hubby is large in length and girth and he's always saying he thought that was average so yep he questions it when I say it's well above average x

Not surprised at all! Partner is above in length and girth, but past sexual partners have all been average in both

My ex was always worried about the size of his but he is above average too.
Current partner has never had any concerns for his size, he's too laid back to care really

Funny thing about these kind of surveys is that like buses, there will be another along soon with different results.

Once read a survey alone similar lines about the animal world. At the bottom of the list came gorillas. There was an apology as they could not find anyone willing to measure an erect gorilla.

That can't be the average size because everyone on here is claiming they or their OH is above average 🤔🤔. Oh yeah I'm above average too 🙄🙄.

I've never measured my oh......don't know if he has 😕

At the end of the day I don't really care what he measures.....I love him and his bits. He fills me wonderfully.....what more could a girl ask for ? xx

In my experience I'd say that's about right, I've had a couple of boyfriends who are bigger (OH is about 7 inches) but most of them are roughly 4-6 inches. I really feel for smaller guys as there is so much emphasis on size! There needn't be though. There are so many ways to satisfy your partner without having a huge willy!

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My OH in my opinion is big not that he thinks it as is very self conscious in that department but I always reassure him. At the end of the day it is how a man uses his penis and if it truly pleases you and feels great job done! And I am truly filled and we'll pleased by my OH!

BigishBen wrote:

I admit I've had the old tape measure out with the wife for a laugh!!

Haha us too!!

Its not the size of the wave its the motion on the ocean 😉

Would be interested to see what avg girth is though

I'm single now so there is no man in my life that I need to ego stroke but my ex was 5 inches and he is the best sex I have ever had, I've had much bigger and I'm not keen on my cervix being hit, it really bloody hurts! So I am very much happy with an average willy to ride, it would be my preference in fact X