a decade of condoms not fitting right!

So I recently got 7 boxes of different types of condoms from my local clinic.

In there were some "trim" sized and some large sized. I've always secretly been a little self-concious of my size, thinking I was on the small side because of something a nasty girl said to others about me when I was like 15.

So I tried the trim ones out of interest and they were really really tight. And the same thing that always happens after sex, which I tought was due to my size happened. After sex, the condom was kind of flappy around the top. I had always thought that was because I was on the small size.

So the next time we had sex, I tried the large size (which I know are only marginally bigger than normal size) and they fitted really well. Further to that after sex, I pulled out and the condom was still perfectly in place and looked completely normal!

So this got me thinking, I downloaded that "my.size" measure tape to see what size condom you should take and it recommended a 60mm one.

I literally can't believe it - a DECADE of thinking i was small despite my wife's reasuance and it turns out she wasn't just being nice, it was true! That's a pretty massive mind altering thing for any guy!

I just felt I needed to tell folk! Has anyone got any comments or had a similar experience@

My OH genuinely believes he's small, he's well above average! Like he'd be better off in the Congo! I think it's something most men have, just the same as women being self conscious about their boobs

My OH insists that he is small too. Which is ridiculous, as it's too big for me to take the full length. Why do men do this to themselves?!

In my case it was because a something that girl said when I was young. These things tend to stick!

Buy them some Pasante Large (55mm) normal are 52mm - 54mm it'll boost their ego!

Most men are really,really self-concious of their size and it's hard for them to look at things the objective way.Happy that you finally solved your condom issue.

Thanks Kitty - I appreciate that - and I'm happy too!