A little embarrassing problem

Feel a bit embarrassed so just going to explain this the best way I can...

I mentioned on a previous thread that I wasn't sure whether or not I was having a 'full' orgasm or not; my OH thought I was but I wasn't sure. Anyway, after today I don't think I am because we were working towards something completely different tonight and I'm sure if I'd just let go tonight, I'd have experienced one.

The problem is, and something I've experienced recently, is that I feel like I've got trapped wind and I'm really going to pass wind. It's embarrassing! It means I'm concentrating so much on NOT passing wind that I don't just relax and go with it. Now my OH doesn't really seem to be bothered but I'm mortified about it.

What can I do to stop this and has anyone else experienced this? I'm not necessarily on about wind trapped vaginally as I know penetration can cause this.

Any ideas please

I often get a feeling of trapped wind while I'm working my way up too.

I blame the various contractions while getting close!

I can't really think of any specific advice, unless perhaps 'practising' in various positions maybe. All I'd suggest is learning to relax, but I'm aware that's not very useful.

To be fair, the sheer fact that I'm potentially not the only one who experiences this, is useful!!!!

So thanks!

If it makes you feel better still, I have actually passed wind while orgasming. Indeed, couldnt hold it in any longer lol! I think it's more a case of just learning to let go and not care. Concentrating on it is probably making it worse.

better out then in is a very good idea.so just let go it's ok

Ecks - it made me smile and feel reassured.

Problem is, even though I've been with my OH forever, I just can't let go - I mean without going in to detail its not like I haven't passed wind whilst I've been with him but in normal circumstamces his face isn't quite so close. If you get my drift........

AA - it doesn't bother me in normal day to day goings on. In fact my OH still wants me to 'pull his finger' if he has a good one 'brewing' *sigh*

I think its just because we're in an intimate place and then it makes me conscious. I really want to relax about it!!

We experience fanny farts and anal one's too i don't find it embarrasing at all we both have a laugh about it every time

Hmmm, it doesn't seem to bother OH - just me. Maybe I should just roll with it and see what happens - at least I know its normal

oh yeah it happens so just laugh and enjoy

i agree with others advice try to relax and forget it just get enjoy the sex, lets face it when you have been a couple for ages you get to see and hear the good sides of one another but deep down it we love each other warts and all

sure do each year see's more of em too

no problem at allAA

Ahh, I could ask him to stop, give me a second (move outta the way) and then get back to it - then I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable I suppose.

Its not like we can't talk about these things - its just 'new' to me when things are building up. We've had the fanny fart before and did laugh but somehow this feels different to me!

Sod it - New Years Resolution. Let go and go for the Big O that I think has been evading me!

happy new year too you too Little Kitty

I think your new years resolution is spot on. Just relax and don't worry. He won't love you any less for being human. Try to get out of the way, let it go and then come back to the "finish the job". It happens.

And practise lots and lots on your own - you need to learn to relax and let go if you're going to finally get there and practising alone is your best option! Noone else to look at you, noone else's feelings (or nose) to consider - you can just relax and enjoy it! Then try to transfer what you learn over to your time with him :)