A little too wet. O_O

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem. I'm too embarrised to talk to my doctor.

The other day me and my partner had the house to ourselves, so we decided to have a little fun, got some of my toys out.
I'd been to the bathroom before we started.

But when I came I felt like I really had to pee, I couldn't stop myself.
I was so embarrised and I left a wet patch on the bed T_T
He said it was disgusting and hasn't touched me all day...not even a hug dammit! I feel bad enough as is it!

Anyone know what this is? How can I stop it happening again?

Hi there, it sounds like you squirted! I mean, that you achieved a female ejaculation which is definately nothing to be ashamed or worried about! Check out the following which gives a fairly clinical account:

Or have a look at some of the discussions here at OA:

The fact that this happened when you came means that its highly likely to have been a female ejaculation and thats something many guys find a real turn on, perhaps if your man knew more about it he wouldnt feel the same way about it. Its a real shame that he reacted the way he did and made you feel worse, but hopefully if you can talk about it and he realises that you can do something which many women are trying their hardest to do (see forum discussions!)he'll see you more as talented and rather sexy for it!!
Were you having sex in a position/using a toy in a way which was stimulating your g-spot by any chance? If so then a female ejaculation is most definately what happened.
If you're still concerned about it then you might want to have a check-up, if you dont want to talk to your doctor you could go to a GUM clinic and have a check-up there where they dont usually ask too many questions...
But it sounds as though you have nothing to worry about!
Hope that helps

What an insensitive prat your boyfriend is. What happened to you was 100% natural

The fact he didn't know what it was does not excuse him from the way he has treated you - do you treat him that way when he cums?

As for stopping it happening again - get a new boyfriend.

I know that might sound like a harsh solution but things happen in life that may seem far worse than ejaculation and when those things happen that people need the support of their loved ones.

What about those who become seriously ill and as a result needed a colostomy or develop incontinence? What about childbirth? What about miscarriage? or simply what about a very severe attack of food poisoning?

It's at those times that people need their partners to be supportive - they need to feel loved - they need their partners there to help them get through it.

I doubt your partner would be any closer than the nearest pub.

I'm a single woman again, he dumped me by text while I was a work.
Oddly enough I don't feel bad about it.... He's been an insensitive prick from the moment I met him. He couldn't even be bothered to spend time with me the last few weeks unless well you can guess why. I think he's been seeing a girl I know from work. And she's welcome to him! >.<

Just read your message ancafe, and I really feel for you. What happened is pretty amazing in my book and in fact is something that my partner and I strive for.

Female ejaculation is an incredibly intimate and sexy thing to happen to a woman...your ex doesn't know how lucky he was!

"he dumped me by text while I was a work. I think he's been seeing a girl I know from work"

WOW what a catch! He did you a HUGE favour ancafe - I actually pity 'the girl from work' no woman deserves an ignorant idiot like him.

Have fun be happy and find someone who deserves you.

Yeah you're sooooooooooooo much better off without him. Seriously, so many men would be sooooooooo turned on by you squirting. Find a better one ;)

Yeah, I agree with the others.. Any man who wont touch you coz he thinks something so natural is disgusting isnt worth your time anyways. I hope someone better comes along who loves every part of you :D


What an ass. Ancafe... seriously - the guy couldn't tell a good thing when he had it right in front of him. Do you know how many guys would DIE to have a girl who squirted for them?! The fact that he didn't know what it was in the first place, and secondly treated you like shit for it, speaks volumes.

Time to find yourself a guy who can appreciate what a little firecracker you are in bed and help you be more comfortable with your newfound talent for squirting ;)


Hey Ancafe!

Have to agree with the others. You're well shot of this guy - I can sympathise as I've been with some insensitive prats in my time but my current man is a lot more understanding.
As for your potential 'accident', it does sound a lot like you squirted. I've got to say I'm jealous! Sounds like it's an ability many men really like in a woman and something I'd like to be able to do! That aside, if you're still a little worried, it might be worth looking up the symptoms of cystitis or a UTI. It's a simple unserious infection with other symptoms (pain when peeing, etc) that a GP will be very understanding about. Really hope all the replies have put your mind at rest!

RR xx

Sorry- I felt it needed to be reitterated agin lol.

Even if you didn't squirt (I don't know if I ever have, but I did something similar last week and thought it was the bloke ejaculating, so it's obviously easy to mistake for other things!) needing to wee is a natural response too, since your bladders kinda near the other stuff (I've jumped out of bed a good few times to go to the loo mid-sex!). If he can't stand a bit of urine, he's not the one I say! And if he can't stand a flood of natural lube then he's DEFINITLY not good enough for an OA member!

Find yourself a nice pervert like the rest of us lol.

Hang on, is this the guy you were using a strap-on with? And he gets freaked out by a bit of extra fluid? Well, I said!!

The first time I ever ejaculated (which was in my mid 30's) I was so embarrased especially as my hubby was licking me off at the time and I came all over his face....he loved it !!

Wish to God I could do it to order, too old now to be embarrased (lol), nothing beats this feeling, enjoy it !!!!

Like Crayola says "Find yourself a nice pervert like the rest of us "....he loves licking my bum too....used to try to convince myself I did'nt like that....but my pussy said otherwise ! lol

Ancafe...having my woman squirt all over my face and body is a fantasy of mine...so seriously...your ex is a fool!

The fact that you can squirt is a huge turn on and while your single...get some toys and fingers in action to perfect your squirting ability so you can impress your new man with your endless waves of juice!


Have fun! x

What the heck? I can't believe the guy dumped you over it Ancafe - I'm a girl and would LOVE it if you did that to me - I have done it myself with my boyfriend and he loves it.

You should tell him that he's disgusting for ejaculating, too. :P Women might not do it as much but it is known to happen!!

Surely anyone who dislikes that is just boring?

Will do Strapon! Infact I have been.
Playing with my fav glass dildo this morning in the bathroom (just before I got in the shower) I suprised myself! >.< I didn't realise I'd produce so much liquid. Luckly I had two old towels down first. ^_^;;
Sadly I can't aim across a room yet, but who knows...maybe in time with practice.

It could become an olympic event- you have four years to practise :)

The squirting olympics! They could sell those clear ponchos they always sell near the log flumes at theme parks. Yes, you WILL get wet on this ride.. XD

Pity you couldn't have aimed better and caught him in the eye! What an arse.

Hey ancafe, agreed with all the others, he was a prick and you're well rid. And for the record, the majority of blokes I've ever known are obsessed with squirting - in a good way!! If they're familiar with it, then they do their best to make you squirt, all over them, bodies, faces, etc... if they're not familiar with it and you tell them you can do it, then they'll also be doing their damndest to get you to squirt so they can see what it's like!!

So I really think your moron ex is in the minority. And a boring bastard at that.

Squirting olympics sounds good - I'll start practicing now - alas, on my own! :(