A message from Sarah Warby, Lovehoney CEO

Hopefully everyone recieved this, but I know the emails can be a bit patchy so I thought I'd pop it on here too. 👍🙂


I am writing to you at this unprecedented time to let you know how Lovehoney is responding to the challenges we are all facing as a global community.

The health and happiness of our staff and Lovehoney customers like you is, as ever, our number one priority.

Lovehoney remains operational. Every day we are making decisions and taking appropriate action that follows the latest advice from governments and official health organisations.

Actions taken so far include:

▪️All office-based staff working from home (This includes our Customer Care team, who will continue to be available 24/7 to assist you)

▪️Introducing many additional precautions to ensure our warehouse staff, who fulfil your orders, are kept safe

▪️Being in constant communication with our suppliers and other partners to ensure that we continue to provide you with the best possible service without compromising on safety

Lovehoney’s delivery partners are also having to adapt to these ever-changing circumstances. We will get your order to you, but we ask for your patience if it arrives a little later than advertised.

I wish you continued sexual happiness.

Stay safe.

Sarah Warby, CEO

Thanks for the update

We pray you and all your customers stay safe, and we all come out the other side safely

A & P

Good update for anyone who missed the email. Stay safe everyone and stay home with a sex toy if you can, it will make the lockdown pass quicker

When everyone stays at home, as they should, it makes using sex toys a bit difficult. Not the ones we use together when the kids are asleep. I mean my own stuff. No privacy even to charge them let alone use them. Grr...

I know people have much bigger concerns.So do we. But it is an annoyance which could last months...

Keep well and safe, everyone.

I agree MSR. We have four in the household who are high risk so staying indoors for 12 weeks. Plus trying to work from home, school from home and look after a 2yr old!

BUT the thing I find the most frustrating is not having ‘me’ time. I know it’s something I’ll need to deal with but it’s hard! It’s been cut to 0 and I’m struggling

Hope you are managing better than me!!

Big thanks to the LH team for being there for us - I've been astonished to receive a delivery today, just as quickly as it would have been here pre-lockdown so a massive thanks to the team for maintaining the amazing customer service levels. We're lucky that there's just the two of us and I work from home anyway so life's not that different for me. Hubby is an officer in the Ambulance Service and, although he's office-based so relatively safe, he's putting in much longer hours, trying to be there to support his teams. I love that and I'll use my LH lingerie to wow his sexy, uniformed ass when he gets home but he's mostly just too tired when he gets back from the office just now. Roll on some days off that we can enjoy, just lazing in bed together. Stay safe and well everyone!

If everyone abide by all the recommendations imposed by the govt think Covic-19 will slowly come to an end.

Thanks to LH CEO's message which is also a reminder to us to behave responsibly.

FYI, we have many cases of irresponsible PRs in our country who are in total defiance. So our govt had their PR status canceled before they returned to our country.

I don't know if anybody is keeping abreast of the delivery updates linked on the homepage, but I thought I'd post the latest on here. 👍

DISPATCH AND DELIVERY UPDATE Last updated 1st April at 21:30

Hey folks. Lovehoney is still running but, like the rest of the world, we're facing challenges. Your order may take longer to reach you than it usually does.

We recognise that we are - of course - a non-essential business. But the government wants online businesses like ours to stay open for now.

And here's the thing...

We've taken lots of precautionary measures to ensure that we're following government guidelines to keep our warehouse staff working in a safe environment. This includes:

Reducing the number of our people on a shift at any time;

Adhering to the 2 metres distancing rule at all times while staff are picking and packing your orders, and also staying 2 metres apart when taking breaks;

There's an hour between shifts clocking off and clocking on while we clean down all the surfaces.

All this means that it's taking longer to get your order ready for dispatch.

So for now we're not able to guarantee when your order might be dispatched and delivered, but it should be with you around 5 days after the time you placed it.

We will get your order to you, but ask for your patience and understanding if it is a few days later than you would usually expect.

Thank you, and stay safe.

The Lovehoney Team