A nudge in the right direction

Hi I'm new to the site and I am after some advice/ideas of where I can take my new found kink of bondage and spanking that my good lady and myself have recently been very much into, pretty open minded but were not too extreme.
Have tried handcuffs, blindfold, baby oil and my belt/hand but seems to be similar most times. So please fill my eager dirty mind with ideas

Try this bondage kit, good value, strong and the ties are of a good length if you have something to tie it to at each corner of the bed!


My partner and I love it, really good fun!

Just had a look and it does look awesome will try and see if I can get it before Christmas not sure if its your cup of tea but would you go for a flogger or a paddle?

We bought an actual riding crop off ebay before we discovered LH and love it. Also we want to get this so i'm saving my LH Oh points it looks great! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=19809

Think a crop may be a bit much as my wife is just being eased in slowly(take that as you will) I think something with less bite to start with and then build it up to a crop or cane

In that case I would recommend floggers as the next step. Not too harsh and great for beginners or warm ups:


I would also suggest mixing it up with some sensory play. Blindfold her and try using ice, feathers (or other soft tickly things) try some clothes pegs on different parts (nipples thighs naughty parts) Try a glass dildo, using this for temperature play (put it in the fridge/freezer or in hot water before use (careful, test it first) candle wax is good too, and LH sell low melting point candles to avoid burns. Try scratching, nips, slaps elsewhere other that her bum, hair pulling, biting etc. This way you can find out pretty inexpensively, what kind of sensations your lovely lady enjoys and can tailor your next shopping trip to suit.

Hope I gave you some ideas x

Ring or O gag, drool lol xx

different people like different things, we have a selections lols

I love the lovehoney tease range, the crop is lovely, it has a heart shaped pad at the end one side is smooth leather the other is quilted and soft, two different sensations, the handle is beautifully made and the whole crop is weighted just spot on

as for paddles there is the born to tease range which is really cool, we have the leather paddle with 3 pink hearts on it, its surprisingly painful, and leaves lovely heart shapes, we also have the sportsheets SLUT paddle that leaves the word as a mark

Floggers, we have 2 sex and mischief ones, the long one with the jewelled handle which is PVC (I reviewed it on here) and the jewelled noir one which is smaller but made from rubber, the longer one is much nicer. We also have the icicles No 38 glass handled one which is amazing, its made from suede and the handle can also be used as a glass dildo.

We also have a cane, canes are so much more painful but a lot of fun, they make a lovely swoosh sound lols

All of the above are available on lovehoney, I guess it really depends on what you both want.

The kids are at parents tonight as we are going to OH Christmas do, meaning we have house to our selves, so tieing spanking biting and hair pulling might be in order.
Does anyone else massage their partners before spanking, i think that oiled and relaxed makes spanking more fun or would a massage after be better to soothe red bottoms.

I really want that boot footprint spanker but I don't think my bf likes it at all! :(

Love my slave - LH also sell kits of powders and creams for spanking before and after use :) xx

Maltedmilk the jack boot spanker is in the LH sale

I knowww which makes me want it even more!! I don't think there's much point though.

Unless I buy it purely for my own novelty collector type item?

I will keep trying to make him be mean!! >:)

I'm commenting on this so I can refer back to post in the future, as my OH is into this kinkiness and I'm new to it! So I think I'll take the plunge soon!

Uxo- definately try it me and my wife are pretty new to it, we don't like everything but its fun trying, finding new ideas here also helps, it's certainly put a spark back in our relationship(if only she would do as she's told out of the bedroom)

Yeah! As soon as we've got our own place together I'll be placing a big order of leather and metal from LH :)

I personally love the bed post restraint kits! have been meaning to try one for ages! xxx

Went up to bed last night with a mind full of dirty ideas, only for my wife to switch roles and show me who's boss-which was amazing, so my new rule is NO RULES

That's sounds like you having lots of fun , enjoy experimenting that all the fun of trying new experiences enjoy x

Sounds as if you are in for a Happy New Year.

Have fun.

Fantastic, sounds like you're of to a good start ;-)