abnormal smear

sorry for you squeamish ppl, but having just got a letter to say my latest smear test is abnormal and i have to go for further tests, i am bricking it and just a bit weepy!

any of you ladies been through something similiar? x

I haven't had a smear yet, apparently I'm not old enough.... I hope all turns out well for you, when are the nexts lot of tests?

waiting for appointment, which is up to 5 weeks away - long time to panic!

Obviously I'm not a lady (or any other sort of female), so not quite what you were hoping for…and it may sound fatuous coming from a chap but, try — as much as you possibly can — not to worry just yet.

A lot will depend on how the abnormality is classed. Roughly 20% of women with abnormal results are investigated further and often this is just a precaution.

My OH had an abnormal result on her last scheduled test and required further investigations; she was very upset about it until I explained. Six months later when she went for a another screening, the abnormality was regressing quite nicely and completely on her subsequent test.

Thanks mr socks,

its the mildest abnormality according to the letter, but having looked it all up on the net, went into meltdown will try keep calm!

thanks for your post x

Hi Fizz & Sparkle - I totally understand how worried you are. Firstly just try to stay calm - I have just done some research online and found that not all abnormal smear mean something sinister:-

“An abnormal Pap test does not necessarily mean that c cells were found during the examination. There are many causes for abnormal Pap test results, including infection, inflammation related to using a diaphragm or sex, and changes related to your menstrual cycle. Your doctor will evaluate the results to determine if further testing is necessary. A repeat Pap test may be necessary if there were not enough cells collected during the test."

I had a friend who had an abnormal smear and she had the test re-done and it came back normal - and has never had another problem since. Easier said than done but just try to relax as much as you can Hun - I am sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes :)

thank you x much appreciated xx

I've had this, exactly as Scorpius said, you usually have to go back and have another and see what the results of that one are first. Mine was caused by the menstrual cycle, it had been taken at the wrong time or something. The 2nd test came back fine. I then had another one come back and that one was due to not enough cells being taken, so the Dr gave it a really good (painful) scrape the next time and again came back fine.

Since then I have had no problems at all. The fact that they are happy for you to wait up to 5 weeks for an appointment suggests it isn't anything to be massively worried about, if it was something serious or they believed it was, they'd have you back in quicker than that.

I know it's hard, after having had that, but try not to worry too much and that 2nd appointment will soon be here.

thankyou Miss TC, will just have to try be calm and put it to back of my mind til hospital appt comes through. x think stiff drink tonight!!! x

as others have said, you should try to remain calm. It might help to call your doctor or whoever does the smear so that they can explain and reassure you

You're welcome!

My OH's was moderate.

Admittedly, the classifications do sound fairly vague. Being Low Grade, your referral is really caution and to confirm the intial finding. With confirmed borderline or mild changes there's a good probability the abnormal cells will revert to normal spontaneously and any action before then will be conservative.

You're only human Fizz, so don't beat-yourself-up about it — worrying is a perfectly reasonable respone. And if between now and your appointment you find yourself on serious downer, as sweetlove suggests ask for a chat about it with your GP or the Practice Nurse.

This has happened to me twice and on one occasion it was because they did not collect enough cells or something, and the other said the results were abnormal. Both times I went for a repeat and they came back fine. This seems quite common judging from this thread!

I had one but it was due to insufficient swab. I also have had friends who had low grade and some higher. It depends what grading as to what treatment
If you have abnormal results, you may be told that you have:
mild or slight changes (mild dyskaryosis)
moderate cell changes (moderate dyskaryosis)
severe cell changes (severe dyskaryosis)
Dyskaryosis is a term used to describe the changes in the cells.
Your results may also refer to CIN. This stands for cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia, which is the term used to describe a type of abnormal cell change that can lead to cancer based on the tissue sample rather than the cells.
The grading system for these type of cell changes is explained in bullet points below.
CIN 1 refers to mild changes
CIN 2 refers to moderate changes
CIN 3 refers to severe changes
All these results show that you have pre-cancerous cells. This does not mean that you have cancer or will get cancer. It just means that some of your cells are abnormal and if they are not treated they may develop into cervical cancer.
Not all abnormal changes need to be referred for further investigation or treatment. Your GP may recommend waiting to see if the changes disappear on their own and ask you to return for another screening in six months' time.
If further investigation is needed, your GP will refer you for another screening test or to a specialist (gynaecologist) for an examination called a colposcopy.

If you did need treatment it's usually just a case of either having the affected cells lazered off or burn of with a metal loop. Both are very comman procedures and done quickly in day procedure units.

Try not to panic. As you can see lots of people have been called back for repeat smears.

My mothers smear came back abnormal last year, she had to go to the hosptial and have some cells lazored, she was in and out within 20 minutes, they did checks on her 6 weeks later and some follow up appointments.

The worst thing you can do is panic

Sending happy and positive thoughts your way


I have had quite a few abnormal smears. Just go back for the repeat. If they are concerned they call you back immediately, if they give you 5 weeks then you can relax as it just needs redoing. If you get repeated abnormal buy everything is fine smears, they will often change you to annual checks.

Good luck.

thanks everyone, i have to go for a colposcopy and am waiting for the appointment, but trying to put it out of my mind for now,

your comments have been great help though x thankyou x

Fizz and Sparkle I had an abnormal smear and I went for further tests, although I had mild changes, they left me for 6 months before testing me again as sometimes things reverse. Mine hadn't and I was taken in for treatment. Currently on 6 monthly smears till told otherwise. Hope it all goes well for you.

Thank you sexy little minx, do you mind me asking what your treatment was, and also fingers crossed that you get the all clear soon xx

I had a colposcopy and some biopsies taken, then the same 6 months later. I was given a general anesthetic for my LLETZ treatment only because I'm a woose and didn't do too well with the colposcopy/biopsies the second time around. It was the surgeons decission. As I understand, most woman have it at the same time as the colposcopy. Thanks. So far my smears have been clear and I'm nearly 18 months on.