Achieving New Experiences

Myself and Mr.E are having a great time of late and it just goes to show that even when you've been together for 24 years, and also as you get older, you can experience things and achieve sexy skills that you never thought you would or could.

Recently I've discovered I can squirt (who knew??) and this weekend Mr.E has been showing off his new skills by making me orgasm through stimulating my g-spot with his fingers (which he's never done before). We're discovering that sex is definitely better in our early 40's than it had been when we were younger and it just goes to show that it's never too late to experience new things. Here's to the next 24!

This thread makes me happy :-) So glad to hear all is going well for you both! Happy squirting (I'm hoping i'll be able to one day!!!)

It's a well known fact that sex gets better with maturity...

I can second that too! I'm in my mid 30's and in the past few months (because of joining Lovehoney), I have achieved so much more sexually with my hubby than ever before and it does make me so much happier.

I think I've mentioned before on the forums, that Lovehoney have got their 'Sexual Happiness Promise' spot on!!! xx 😉 😍

- 'a newbie squirter myself!'

Totally agree I've learnt and stepped outside the comfort zone especially - was trying to upload a new photo but just says too big or an error damn

I could not agree more. We are in out 30s, been together nearly 10 years and this past year has really opened our eyes. Before my wife got her Desire bullet she had no idea she could orgasm so powerfully just from clitoral stimulation. Until we tried glass and steel dildos squirting was like seeing Hayleys comet. It's been a game changer for our sex lives discovering Lovehoney

Mr&Mrs.E wrote:

We're discovering that sex is definitely better in our early 40's than it had been when we were younger and it just goes to show that it's never too late to experience new things.

As someone in their late thirties this is super encouraging!

I'm just so happy I have my libido back that I'm conversely worried about losing it again as I get older. This is soooo much less likely to happen whilst I'm here, learning new tricks, and hearing about other folk's positive experiences, such as yours. My very best wishes to you both, and thanks for sharing, it does help to counter my default pessimism about the future.

I can give you even further encouragement Gosig, me and the OH are either side of 50 and our sex life is fantastic. We've been together a short period of time and we are on the same level when it comes to sex and everything to do with it, so far 🤞🏻

To some extent age has an influence but I truly believe that when you"click" with someone, then it's amazing. I'm having the best sex of my life and like you making the most of the friendly lot on here. Every day is a school day .........

I would definitely agree that sex gets better with maturity, it's like having a whole new take on it. Enjoying how it feels to totally let go and realise after spending 20 years bringing up children that it's not selfish to want a great sex life. It's time now to focus on us (and our needs) more. Personally I'm feeling liberated and it's fantastic!

I'm mid thirties and I'm having by far the best sex of my life at the moment, in terms of quality, amount and variety.

I put it down to (1) finding the right partner who shares kinks, libido and likes (2) being totally comfortable with who you are (3) removing those barriers and trying things.

This thread makes me so happy! Happy couples and great sex? WHat's not to love?! Also wish I can achieve squirting one day! Maybe it just comes with age and a lot of practice

I agree with you all, sex is great now we are older, we have been together for over 30 years and since joining LH we are having the most exciting sessions ever🤪 buying different toys and having sex more often, making the most of having the house to ourselves for an afternoon. I can squirt now, which is hugely exciting.

Totally agree that having an account on LH really does help keep things on the right track. Not only the excellent website with an awesome choice of toys, the online guides to products, the product videos and blogs, excellent customer service etc but this forum is fantastic. You can learn a lot from others and it's great to be able to have a go-to place when you need advice. They're not wrong with their 'sexual happiness' promise!

It's so lovely to read others having the same amazing experiences as they've gotten older and I for one am loving every minute of being 40!!

I agree too :) much better sex with age and even better since joining LH

Deffo agree here! Sex used to be good but I'm now with an older guy and maturity deffo helps a lot! Sex has got more interesting and we try a lot more. There's more understanding to it and I push myself out of my comfort zone too as I know he's not gonna go giggling to his mates! I've recently discovered squirting too! Never knew I could do it until this weekend! We've been together 2 years now and he still keeps surprising me with little tricks! And massaging my g spot along with putting pressure on my bikini line deffo did the trick! Better understanding leads to better sex!

We're doing much better here as well. We're both 60ish, have been together for 40 years, but it's still exciting and fun.

We're in our late 60's with 43 years of marriage and we're still trying out new things (and new toys).

How great to read those in their 60's enjoying sex more and more! Now that I like the sound of, hoping it's still like that for us at that stage in our lives 😀

Just had great session, both nearing our 60th. Wifey wore wet look dress, black stockings and recently purchased 5 inch stilettos . Bullet vibrator for her and nipple clamps for me did the trick. Didn't get round to the riding crop but will use again next time. We only started to explore kinky dressing up a few years ago after having boring sex life now we have at least a dozen outfits and more toys. Recently bought a few lots of footwear to add a bit more kinky ness . Clamps , cock rings/ ball stretchers and dividers are personal favourites. She likes vibrators and dressing up. Life began at 55

I just love when 30 somethings say they are old lol

I am 50 next year and Mr LNT is 55 next month and let me tell you in the last year we have done soooo much new stuff. Bondage has got far more adventurous. I knew I liked anal but have gone to a much higher level with it. Haven't managed fisting or squirting yet but having fun trying.

I'm pretty sure we are going to be trying more or at least variations of what we have discovered so far.

It's never too late to learn xx

This is such a great post to stumble across. Lots has changed for us over the past 11+ years we’ve been together and discovering LoveHoney has reignited my libido along with ceasing the use of contraceptives in my body. There were times my husband was questioning our relationship but knowing we’re just getting going again and ready all the positives of age being a good thing in terms of sex has made me very happy! Here’s to many more years of great sex!!