Addicted to my Rabbit

Hi all,

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it, but I think I may have an addiction to my Rabbit !

It's the only toy I've ever owned and I only bought it about 3 months ago, but omg why didn't I discover this before???!! Believe it or not, until then I'd never (and I mean never) had an orgasm 'by myself'. and it wasn't through lack of trying, or being tense or anything like that - it just didnt' seem physically possible.

I bought the rabbit whist a bit tipsy and it seemed a good idea at the time - of course after I'd sobered up it got stuck in a bedside drawer and there it stayed for weeks........until I got bored and horny one afternoon and thought I'd give it a go. After a matter of 2 or 3 minutes, I'd had my first ever orgasm through masterbation alone, and it was like Wooooo! wey hey!

The thing is, I'm getting it out 3 or 4 times a week now, during the day when I'm bored at home, and I'm worried I may be getting a teensy bit addicted to it! I'm also wondering how long these toys last, how much wear and tear they take? I'll be sad when it needs replacing - plus I'll have to explain to hubby why it's packed in when we've only had it out together a couple of times, hehe!

And your problem with this is??


Welcome to the world of sex toys....

Don't actually 'own' a rabbit so can't comment on how long they last. But there is a trade in scheme for old/worn out/broken rabbits. I think if you trade it in you get a discount on the next one.

I'm sure someone will pop by and post a proper link or explanation.

I would say 3 or 4 times a week is pretty tame...well, by most people standards....

Welcome to the forum.

3-4 times a week is not a problem! I feel cheated if I don't get at least one of my toys out at least once during the day! Blokes seem to like the idea of women using sex toys so I bet your man wouldn't mind at all if you wore it out and I'd bet he'd fork out for a replacement!! (well he ought to all that pussy exercise keeps you nice and supple for him!)

Welcome but yeah don't worry, I think some members on here would use a toy 3-4 times a day at least! So you (and your rabbit) will be just fine. But hey variety is good so maybe look into some other toys?

msmonroe, 3-4 times a week addicted.... thats just a mild interest a best, teenage boys wankthemselves off more than that every day! If you are worried about burning it out you have two choices

1) Buy a n identical rabbit & keep it in a safe place jst incase

2) Start salsa classes with a latin dance instructer called Raoul who has hips like a lizzard & a tongue like a Cobra!!!!

Good options mucky!

Hi msmonroe,

I dont think your addicted, I use my rabbit 3-4 times a week normally, welcome to the club!



first of all i don't think your addicted, but its up to you with what you feel comfortable. sex toys are designed to stand quite a lot of wear and tear, depending on the quality of the toy and how you clean and store it it could last for years.

I bought mini finger rabbit which has just stopped working mid O....arrgghh!! Gonna have to get new batteries!!

It's soooooooooo frustrating when you run out of batteries isn't it? Especially when you can't find one working vibe (I have rather a lot now)

I have rechargable batteries and lots of them so theres always some charged. I love my Ladyfinger, i baught the cosmic curve a few days ago and even though its stronger and bigger my ladyfinger still gets the most attention. I try to get at least 1 O a day, im so close to my due date now im having more (it can induce labour).

Im sorry to say that i dont actually like my rabbit. i dont get on with the ears. i much prefer a normal shaped vibe. i can really get a much smoother thrust. Or am i just using it wrong. I cant believe im the only woman who doesnt like it. Help please

You are NOT the only one don't worry!!

After years of 'living under the hood' my clitoris is uber sensitive and can't really tolerate too much stimulation.

Im going to have another go with mine soon, so i can write the review for it.

Mind you it took some time to get used to my Rock Chick - but now I love it.

justylou: its allright not to like rabbits, while they are hailed as the best thing ever by certain womens magazines not everyone likes them. there are several ways to use your rabbit as highlighted in other topics, and on lovhoney's help sections. you are not the only woman who dosen't like rabbits either, so please do not worry

its not that i'm too sensitive for it, if anything i would say the ears just dont hit the right spot .

one way some people use it is they turn it around so that the ears are on the clit but the shaft is pointing downwards, if you get my drift

might give that a go thanks

I think there is definitely a case of Rabbit addiction prevalent in the world now. I haven't been able to orgasm without a vibrator (bullet to my clit usually) for about 8 years...

until last night!


I had a lot of foreplay and teasing and my clit was being rubbed.. then it happened! I'm so pleased! *grin*

Sorry to share with the world but I'm so excited, I hope this means I can move towards stopping the addiction to a clit bullet or vibe as I've been so dependent on them. It would be so nice to be able to rub myself to orgasm when I wish, moving towards having penetrative orgasms again.

Yeah you're damn right it's great news! I want more more more...

ok bit greedy

so happy! xxx

Whooo MC!

Its nice to know something else does work but toys are so useful.

AdnaW used to feel a little guilty about finding it difficult without but at least now she's let go of that hang up! If it feels good then who cares really.