ok had a search and there are only spesific threads that i could find.

So what are peopel most addicted to in their sex life, be it a toy (if so what one), oral, anal, certain positions etc.

basicaly the one thing that you cant get enough of.

For me, atm it is my butt plug. i wear it almost all the time now.

Ordinary, penetrative sex. Might sound boring and unexotic, but it never fails to leave me satisfied, even if I don't orgasm.

69. try to do it every day.

I could not live without my nipples being licked! It makes everything else feel better. If the OH is not around then a moist finger is a good substitute!

just sex lol i have my fetishes but it all ends in the same way so im just addicted the to the last bit xx

I'm very much loving to flog my better half of late. She loves it too, quite addictive! She's liking pussy spanking too.

SG x

Not being in a relationship must confess to an addiction to masturbating whenever I can just feels good :)

Penerative sex is good for me :)

Ermmm watching porn and using my rabbit.

I'd include sex but it's pretty much quiet at the moment. =(

To finish sex in the spoon position

Im addicted to my OH and sex toys of ANY nature lol

at the moment as we have just discovered anal sex it has to be that and it turns me on more when hubby cums then he finishes me of with using his fingers.

just got a new toy today (reveiw in a few days) and I have to have more and more of it

I'm definately addicted to my OH...nearly 8 years together and I'd still jump him several times a day if he'd let me!


I'm addicted to my ice scream at the moment! on 3rd set of batteries I can't get enough!


Anything kinky, I love trying new things and pushing myself.

Full on oral addict. Give or receive.

Addicted to my Lusty Loops rabbit..... WOW!!!!

I'm addicted to the bullett ...... That thing really drives my clit crazy !!

Guarenteed moans and groans every night in my room

Being spanked by my OH, and the amazing Ice Scream!