Adults Only Trip - Cabo, Mexico - End of October

So as you may know from reading these stupid comments of mine, Mrs. Val and I have sold our home in the city and are moving to a little piece of land just outside the City next week. This buy/sell/move/downsize/kids switching schools/routines, etc. has messed up our lives and long before we decided to sell and buy, we booked this trip. We thought we may have to cancel due to the shift of houses, but it appears we are still going to go.

We are doing an “Adults Only” resort which isn’t a swingers resort, just a place where they don’t allow children. (I actually like kids and enjoy watching them play and splash and be…kids!)
For those who haven’t been, it is all food and booze included, pool bars, private beaches and unlimited everything. We will be gone for 6 days, 5 nights and it is about a 4-hour flight

Alot of the time these types of resorts are for older “blue-haired” people who just sloth around and go from buffet to buffet. But this place I booked us has a bit more of a “party” atmosphere. I have a secret bag of lingerie items, a new ring set (which I will post) as an anniversary girt, as well as some lounging items for us to simply enjoy.

Couple of questions:

  1. Looking for some great men’s lounge wear that is sexy yet not trashy. LH doesn’t have much. Where do you get some or where have you bought for someone that is a little nicer than Walmart? Please post in the “Pander to me” section.
  2. If you have been to a place like this, what is the craziest thing you have seen/done when unsupervised?
  3. I am looking to book some “off-resort” things to do like a night beach walk/dinner or something but not sure what is too much

I feel we will be so tired that all we will want to do is sleep! I am looking for some experimentation and reconnection so any tips where we can escape from the day to day and spoil each other and any ideas from you fine folks would be well received!

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I’ve been to adults only hotels and it’s not just the blue rinse brigade that goes, yes you may want a day to decompress after the move, it’s natural for the body to need rechargeing.

  1. sneak up to the room one afternoon for fun but your only allowed to touch each other without bring each other to an end for a few hours, kisses and touching helps to arouse each other, reconnect, take time enjoying each others bodies.
  2. play in the sea… Day / dusk or night
  3. walks along the beach at night, or get a bottle of wine from the hotel and watch the sunset
  4. mens lounge Wear… Hmmm not a lot get some tight stretchy pj bottoms…

Just enjoy the time out you could always start at the holiday and ask different positions / desires / fantasy pop them in the bag and draw one out each day


Sounds like a great adventure awaits you both on holiday and moving house :smiley: