Advice Appreciated : The best anal toy for me to use on him?

After some experimentation with anal, which started out with the following :
I'd like to use something on my partner which he'll enjoy without being too much of a leap from this rather small toy. Preferably something made from body friendly material such as silicone. I'm interested in this:
as i think it ticks all the boxes but theres no reviews yet, have any guys tried this product or similar?
I'd love something which he could use whilst we have sex, so any recommendations much appreciated!

I recommend one of these - you'll both enjoy it! The vibrator is hard, not soft but that just adds to the intensity of the vibrations. Plus it's designed specially for anal use. I have one myself so I know it's good. Not expensive either.

Great thanks for that! I had read your review and it does sound great, I'm wondering if he'd like this:
which is very similar minus the cock ring.

Hi Frisky!

I used the Nexus on my Prince of Darkness last friday night and he really enjoyed it. I will be posting a review when I can get him to stop talking dirty on the phone long enough to get his views! However, from my point of view it was very effective. Easy to use, the vibrations semed to add an extra bit of spice (not sure he knew that was coming!)His body language told me alli needed to know! Having messed about with other anal toys I reckon this one is a keeper. Didn't get round to using it on me, but having had a good look at it I reckon it could bring off a g-spot orgasm.

have fun!


Brilliant! Look forward to reading the review, I do like the look of the Nexus...I think we may be more inclined to use it as it has the double function, if he thinks it looks too scary or something! From what you say it sounds just what I was looking for, thanks

The packagings a bit of a giggle there! Interesting idea though :)