advice by people who have used the jiggle balls

Ok i did post a thead before about these but now i have something more, but could not find away to edit my thread i may have over looked it so sorry if i did.

now i tried the balls out, but just want to know a few things.

1: the balls them self was hard to get in, and hurt abit i had them well lubaed and all that could it just be the fact i am a virgin and not have anything big inside me?

2: also removing them hurt for a sec as they pop out, is this normla or do i just need to get used to them over time.

sorry again if i should not have posted another thread

Can you link to the ones you bought so we know what size they are?

ya sure these ones

Hi I'm an experienced user of jiggle balls (Ben Wa balls). I have never had this problem, but I'm not a virgin, and didn't use jiggle balls untill about 5 years ago.

It could be that the balls you are using are a little too big for you. Have you considered these?

They are a good progressive set, allowing you to move up the weights by changing the balls. They also have much smaller girth and could be much more comfortable for you.

Dont forget Lovehoney have a great returns policy and you can send back the ones that you are not comfortable with. Also try to relax, you might be a little tense when inserting and removing them.

They look great only i dont have that kind of money sadly, :( they are a little out of my price range hehe.

i will put them on my wish list so when i get some money i can see if i can get them. but will kepe the ones i have, never know one day i may be able to use them fine please they was only £4 odd so not like i can buy something to replace them so may as well keep them.

and i could have been tense this is the first time i have tried them. they felt fine when inside me, but it is just when putting them in and removing them.

Hi Rachel, I have a big collection of different jiggle balls. I am not a virgin and only used them in the last few years. However, I still get that odd sensation you're describing with some sets when inserting and getting them out. So yes, it might be normal, as it depends first off on you and your body (how relaxed you are, how aroused you are, how much practice you have, how trained your muscles are, how big your body generally is, in what position you are attempting insertion/removal...) and also on the size and shape and material of the balls.

As you seem to be on a budget at the moment, I can highly recommend these for you from my own collection too: - they are cheap, small (ideal for virgins or inexperienced users, or young women who haven't given birth yet), body safe (glass and silicone harness and very easy to clean), heavy enough (for a good workout) and versatile (as you pogress, you might want to advance to using first one, then both without the harness - be advised, they can be difficult to get out this way!).

thanks i have added them to my wish list so i can get them when i get money, and yes i am on a budget as i am in uni my thrid year so all my money goes on keeping a roof over my head and making sure i have everything for uni. I am getting stressed here, which is why i treated my self to some toys, i have chrons disase so when i egt to stressed it acts up. I have found so far the toys are helping to keep the stress of uni down hehe :)
which is why i thought balls would be good as well, so when i get the money i will get my self a new set which may fit a bit better :P

thanks for the info era (forgot to add that at the end of my last message hehe)

You do know that university students get 20% off of everything here at Lovehoney, right (

You might also want to subscribe to their newsletters, they very often have great deals and special discount offers in them! They don't spam you at all, you can even choose how often and which emails to receive, but I am subscribed to all (even on their other sites) and don't find them disturbing my inbox at all! :)

ya i do which is why i was able to get my self a few things, beacuse of that 20% off :)

and i dont know if i am subscribe to them i will have to check it out, i love newletters or any mail really hehe :P i will go see if i am subscribled to them now :)