Advice on a product I am about to purchase for myself

I am currently looking at purchasing the below product for myself as it is my birthday very soon. I have been curious about this for a while and have decided to get even though I’m not the most well built guy. So I am using my birthday discount to put towards it. Product link is below. So it comes with a 2 inch cock ring built into the bottom half of it. I was wondering that would be a comfortable size for a cock ring. I have never had problems with cock rings before but am unsure was this is a metal one. I have used the below cock ring before and have no problems with it while wearing it. Does anyone think I will be ok using the metal cock ring on this product?.

The matal rings are abit trickier, my oh Struggles with metal, the fact if it starts to feel tight you can’t get it off easily until you ‘calm down’! Might be worth ringing lovehoney to see if the ring is interchangeable? Alot of that seems like it offers the adjustable pop studs, so you possibly may be able to swop the ring?

Based on the photos, it doesn't look like you can easily change the ring. Maybe if you're handy enough and have the right tools and materials at hand...

I suggest you measure your penis' circumference in order to see whether the 2 inch ring will fit you or not.

Thanks for the reply’s. I have just been speaking to someone on the live chat and they said that it looks like it might be possible to change the metal cock ring if needed. Unfortunately it is out of stock at the moment so will need to wait before I can buy it. I’ll double check the circumference of my penis just encase.