Advice on giving my boyfriend a night to remember..

My poor boyfriend has to be circumcised on Friday for medical reasons and I want to make Thursday night a night he'll never forget..

We haven't been all that adventurous yet as we're quite new to the relationship and I've got 'issues' down there that prevent us from properly having sex. It's a medical issue, not anything mentally haha. I've got what I believe are fissures and they're very painful so we're quite happy with using foreplay as our way of getting intimate until my doctor can finally work out how to get rid of the fissures.

I've been teasing him all day about Thursday night, which is getting him really horny and excited for it. I've told him we'll start the evening with a bath together, we're going to have a massage in the bath around our neck and shoulders with some flavoured/edible massage oil. Then the rest he doesn't know.. I'm going to take him to his room and blindfold him, lie him on the bed and tease the hell out of him with my mouth all over his body.. then I'm going to be brave and give him a blow job without a condom (I have a terrible gag reflex and I can't stand giving blow jobs - he gets them with condoms but never without.. I am so terrified of gagging on cum). I've bought some strawberry flavoured lube to make it easier on me and I'm not going to actually finish him off like that. I'm going stop and then work on teasing him again.. all over his body with the massage oil. Then I am going to really try to actually have sex. With me on top I think I'll be okay. I may not be able to finish him that way but I really want to do this for him before he goes in for surgery on Friday.

That's as far as my imagination has taken me.. I'm 21 so I'm not massively experienced yet and we're still getting to know what the other likes. I'd love some advice on how to make things even more of a tease.. even more exciting and memorable. Any tips on the blow job fears? Any tips on how to completely blow his mind.. all appreciated. Tell me your thoughts. Thank you!

rimming perhaps ? suck on his balls a little .. some tingly orgasm balm on him ? icecubes then hot drink alternation in your mouth to alter the sensation while youre sucking him ?

Sounds like a really lovely evening and how sweet your doing this for him :) I'm sure he will be blown away!

I really think that all sounds great if you're not into anal play, kink etc. but you could try temperature play?

You're definitely on the right track with the flavoured lube for your blowjob. Really relax when you do it and don't think about the gag reflex. I have been working on mine by brushing the back of my tongue lately, you could do that the next couple nights, not sure if it will work so quick though but it is a thought :) xxx

Thank you! Neither of us are in to anal, and we haven't really gone much further than a bit of bondage. We're still learning so to speak! I'm going to try my best to relax.. I think I'll have a glass of wine, although I'm guessing he shouldn't as his surgery is in the morning.

We tried ice cubes the other night, that was pretty fun. I might get those out again!

I agree with what ruby said about ball sucking, it soon gets my oh very excited!
I'm sure your boyfriend will be fine, my oh was circumcised too when he was about 17-18, it's never affected his sex life, in fact I prefer it! I had never given a blowjob before him (despite being with a previous partner for 3 years!) and now I love doing it.

Thanks Cornish89, that's reassuring to hear. I know he's very nervous and worried about it. I'll try sucking on his balls, I don't think I've ever done that to him, I just gently tickle them usually.

The one thing I would say is don't put so much pressure on yourself to give him the best night ever. That sort of pressure in my experience normally leads to disappointment. :)

I tend to lube his cock up with durex very cherry lube for oral as it tastes amazing and then after sucking/ playing with him for a bit I wank him whilst sucking one ball at a time quite deep into my mouth.
I've been looking into getting one of these to use on him whilst I suck the top of his cock:
I think if you paid for next day delivery it should get to you in time and would be great to whip out and use on him whilst he was blindfolded!
I really think your oh will be fine, my oh was circumcised in the morning and in the late afternoon he cycled 10miles to a friends house and got pissed! (He also showed his newly circumcised member to several of his male and female friends who asked to see it- NICE!)
I hope your doctor figures out what he/she needs to do to help get rid of your fissures soon. :) good luck to you both! X

Ouch. Be sure his soldier is ok. 2 friends of mine had adult circumsitian and they both took around 2 weeks to heal. Another 2 to heal fully.

If all is ok then have a great night. Sounds very nice and romantic

Stuburns wrote:

Ouch. Be sure his soldier is ok. 2 friends of mine had adult circumsitian and they both took around 2 weeks to heal. Another 2 to heal fully.

If all is ok then have a great night. Sounds very nice and romantic

She means the night before! lol

Lol I wouldn't do this to him after he's been cut! That would definitely be a night to remember for all the wrong reasons! That blow job toy looks interesting, I might get that! Thanks!

If you're planning on getting something next day delivery you could try this to help numb your throat.

Or you could try some strepsles or something that gives you a numb throat, I think that might help with gagging.

Oh, that's a good idea. Thanks!

Hey stardustjunkie,

What you have planned for him sounds about perfect! :) I'm sure he will love it!

What is the reason for his circumcision if you don't mind me asking?

Have fun tonight!

Good luck!!

Hope you had a fab night as always LH members full of hints and tips

Hi everyone, thought I'd give an update :D

It went better than I could've hoped.. I don't think he's ever been that turned on in his life! The blindfold was a really great addition and he said he loved not knowing what I was about to do next,

His foreskin was too tight so it had to be removed. It's gone now, surgery went well but I think he'll hurt tomorrow :( At least we said goodbye to it in style!

Yay so glad it all went well for you! (And him today!) x

Glad you had a ball x