Advice on Staff Discount Please

I was wondering, if someone left work for whatever reason and they had a staff discount card AND an online discount but only the discount card was cancelled, can they still use the online one?

The card number had to be input to save onto the online account but for some reason the online one didn't cancel at the same time as the card( this was over 6months ago).

I don't want to go giving someone else bad advice so I thought I'd come here and ask, me personally, I'd still use it, it was down to the employers to cancel both in my opinion but I'm not very knowledgable on things like that and the T&C/Laws about it

Your views?

I wouldn't use it, it probably states somewhere in the contact that once the contact is terminated then so is the perks of the contract and it could lead to a messy case of fraud x

There are companies whose staff benefit extends to ex employees.

What you have here is a question of scruples. It is likely that you are no longer entitles to the discount, however it is their lookout to ensure these things are dealt with properly.
Personally I'd write a letter to head office saying that my discount still worked and as such I am taking that as their approval to continue using it, as they are aware they can then take steps to deactivate it.
However id be probably be pretty vague ad to my identity in the letter!

On the issue of fraud, I find that highly unlikely. Pursuing someone for fraud is very expensive, and for misuse of a staff discount, I just don't think so.

I'd use it

It's unlikely "they" would actually notice it's still being used if they've not relised, it's not been revoked? It will probably fall off the system eventually.

I wouldn't use it. As SS said, contact head office via letter or email to find out.

Some companies offer extended discounts for ex staff. varying from months, years, and a few even are life time =)

if this is the case I'd use it.

Each company usually states how long there discounts lasts for.

I feel bad I'm the only one who said use it. It's a discount code I don't consider it theft, I always check coupon sites for discount codes before buying anything

Depends on the employer.

If it was some ethical company, I'd think twice.

If it was some tax-evading, economy-ruining super-co, then I'd do it without any pangs of guilt.