Advice on what to purchase for a trip away

Myself and partner are going away for a 5star weekend trip.

Wanting to suprise her with some lingerie (that's more to turn me on) and quite a few kinky toys

So what would people recommend?

Hiya Kion - these could be great fun for a hotel:

and don't forget the essentials - lube - massage oil/candles etc. Maybe even a sexy game. Hope you have a fantastic time Hun :) xx

Like the look of the first link. I think she would love that as she loves getting teased when she can't do anything about it. Lingerie is the next thing I'll need.

I was tempted to buy vibrating underwear for her when we are out because we are going to a nice famous London restaurant but i am wary about them been noisy if they are quiet she and nice looking she would enjoy it

A good choice would be a love egg - I have this one and it is a lot of fun - I have written a review on there too :

I also noticed this one in the sale - but there are no reviews on here yet - it depends on your budget:

Hope this helps :) xx

Have you used glass yet ? I love glass highly recommend it this is my favourite but I also have this

For lingeria all depends on what you want her in don't forget the stockings and nice heels LH have some beautiful sets which included a suspender which would look lovely under her dress while you eat drive you a little wild knowing she is dressed to impressed underneath or if its just for the bedroom

For a little pleasure pain why not some nipple clamps ? - or

Looking to tie her up and tease her I love this set I have it myself or this is on sale right now

Blindfold is a must highten the sences

Have fun enjoy it raid your existing toy box and see whatelse you can find in there always pack more than you want so you have plently of choices

The last time we went away for the weekend we literally took a box of toys!

along with wine, candles, chocolate and underwear.

magic wand and 3 attachments

we vibe 4

double ender


numbing cream

yeah it was a good weekend!

I always find a dirty wekend away is a good opportunity to rry out somethgin new that you may have talked about but nit yet tried at home.

a good bottle of wine helps too and maybe some massage (maybe try the massage stones from here) to get things going.

If you have nothing new you want to try but want t make the most of the time away, then get a board game off here to help get things going - and I'm sure your opportunities for new things will be endless.

Whatever you choose - have a great time away!

so.. how was it?!?