Advice please

would like to think as a couple our sex life is pretty good and certainly seems to have improved, in anything, over the past few years.

This has been helped massively by the use of toys on my wife.

She has been able to orgasm more reguarly and our sessions last a lot longer.

We have even moved on to watching hard core porn together, which is really enjoyable.

She seemed to find the girl on girl action very enjoyable and indeed went through a stage of searching for stuff online.

But over the past few months, I have noticed that she is less interested in watching the porn. I am wondering whether she found it to intense and maybe has some bi-tendancies ( probably just wishful thinking ! )

She is also masturbating more, but secretly without involving me. This isnt a problem as such, as to be honest I love the thought of her wanking herself off, but I just wish she would involve me or let me know that she has done it.

Am I being a div and worrying about nothing ?

I think the watching porn less is prolly more to do with she is borde with it now... the masterbating alone without involving you may not be a personal thing.. many people do that alone and dont say anything... sometimes its just masterbating in a comfy way :s so she may feel what she did alone wasnt very sexy or at least not sexy enough to brag about.
Is your sex life suffering at the moment, if so maybe you want to change it up a bit, or see if something is bothering your wife :D...any how let us know!

Talk to her straight out. Communication is the key to all. Ask her in a kindly way if there is more you can do for her. There may be some fantasy she might like to play out but is unsure enough to ask.

When you say she is wanking more and not involving you, is this in addition to sex together or at the expense of it.
My partner and I have great sex, but both of us still wank when we feel like it, we both do it, but don't necessarily tell each other every time we do.

As for porn, it may be that she is fed up with the porn that you both have or the type of porn. There are a couple of good threads in the DVD forum on finding porn which a more female orientated and I would be happy to recommend many titles for all tastes should you wish.

Finally, sexybeast is dead on, talk to her. Make sure you do it naturally and without an accusing tone. Frequently if we are worried, very mild paranoia can make a small or non existent problem into a big argument and cause prolonged tension between the two of you.

Good luck and I hope it is just you being a div(albeit a caring div).

ah rampant couple dont fret that ur wife is masturbatin and not tellin you! everyone does it! y do u feel its necessary for her to tell you if she does, is it because you feel your being side lined? i'm sure it no big deal, sometimes i like to have a good old fumble while my hubbies out, or on the point of walking in-lol!but anyways, she prob jus needs time for herself, i no i do!! just ease up, enjoy yourselves, dont be paranoid or it'll blow up!

yeah, us women are pretty good at knowing what feels good most of the time :D and sometimes thats exactly what we need..just us with our favourite toys. Laynie was right when she said that sometimes us getting ourselves off isnt really a big thing..sometimes its a just great stress reliever!i dont tell my boyfriend everytime i do it cuz its not necessary..i'll only tell him when i want to tease him or work him up but that doesnt mean im being purposefully secretive. Just say you've noticed that shes been doing it more often and admit that you might be being a bit of a div! lol she'll either reassure you that everythings fine or she'll make sure you're more involved in the future :D good luck