hi i wont to suprise my oh but dont know whot to do i do all forplay and try new things all the time she always makes it fun for me i naw wont to do the same for her any thorts all welcome

What things have you tried before?

Have you considered trying the soft and sensual approach with the use of light bondage? For example with this kit- A blindfold makes your other senses heighten. So if you blondfold her, and maybe tie her down with the use of the flogger trailing over her body will feel incredible.

You could also give her a an erotic but relaxing massage. These are in the sale- and (and other scents)

You can also try out some of the romantic or kinky sex games Lovehoney offers like Monogamy.

have tryed all that need some think new

Ok, if she willing be be experimental with you I'm guessing she's up for the same sort of thing.

1) talk to her she will have a fantasy everyone does you've just got to let her know that you're not going to lakugh or take the piss that you will still love and accept her.

2) Ideas: Fisting, Tie her up tease her like hell, Role play suggest that maybe yoy play professor and teach her or let her be Miss and guide you. most people either want to dominate or to be dominated it doesn't have to be anything extream to start of with, blind fold her, taking a sense away makes the others better animal survival technique.

3) Listen to her don't go barging in it's not sexy and it's not a turn on tease her slowly into it

Hope this helps, sorry if it didn't

mmm what about a role play scene? You could get a doctors outfit, some latex gloves and a speculum :D make her your patient and prescribe orgasms.