Has anyone used the glass dildo handled flogger? And would they reccomend it for someone who is new to the whole link thing just placed my first order on here for my fiancé as a gift and brought her some lingerie and and mould kit for my mmhhmmm thanks in advance

We bought this flogger about two months ago and we really like it. We don't use it for hard flogging but more for teasing. The leather is nice and soft and feels good on the skin. As a contrast the glass is really cold and smooth. If you like to use the handle as a dildo it is good to take it for a testrun as I find that it needs to be inserted at the right angle and it is easy to get it wrong.

But it is a beautiful flogger and I can highly recommend it!

The moulding kit can be tricky to get right don't be surprised if it all goes wrong like ours did.

If either of you are new to flogging and spanking scene then I would suggest just having a look at a few guides online or on the forums. The flogger above is great quality and looks excellent but it does give quite a long lasting "sting". So I would suggest maybe doing a little teasing with it first and work your way up, also ensure you have safety words and communication at all times. The dildo itself is very hard and straight, so you will need to get the correct angle as stated above but it holds heat very well.
Enjoy your surprise and the moulding kits are more for a fun couple experience as it can go disastrous, but it is exciting and can give some funny memories.