Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has some stories/experiences/advice that may help me.

Ultimately I would like to have longer-lasting, harder erections. I'm not after an increase in size necessarily, I'm lucky enough to be fairly well endowed (a shade over 9" erect) and so I think an increase in length is probably unnecessary.
That said I do sometimes find I struggle a little to get to that size as I'm not "fully engoreged" so to speak. Moreover, I think it'd be great for sex to have more control over myself, I often find that I'll do foreplay for so long and I'll get so excited that I go crazy when actual sex is involved and it's all over in a couple of minutes. I can normally pace myself if I really concentrate, but it'd be good to relax a bit and do what comes naturally without worrying I'll bring it to an abrupt end.

Hence I'm asking the LH community if they are aware of any permanent alterations I could make, or general advice to last longer and be harder/stronger - e.g. has anyone done kegel exercises, do they really work? Has anyone used a bathmate, is it actually permamnent? Cream? Pills? etc. etc.

For clarification, when I say permanent, I mean that if I were to stop doing whatever it is people suggest I do, will there still be an improvement from before I began.

Thanking you :)

'Fairly well endowed' at over 9" ![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif)

Speaking as someone who is just under 8" - I'm considered on the pretty big side ;)

I also suffer from 'switching off' - foreplay and sex can be a long and tiring business. And there are moments when sex isn't happening because of logistical issues. I'm also more of a morning person than an evening person. For that reason, my wife and I have just invested in little blue pills as a trial for long evening sessions (which are the more likely times to have fun, once the kids are asleep).

Good luck!

Hi there,

I'm not sure about exercises for long term change.

Have you tried cock rings? They help to increase the size of the erection by keeping the blood inside so it comes more engorged. They also help you to stay hard for longer and delay ejaculation. Since these are both things you are after I would think buying a good quality cock ring would be a great place to start. I recommend a silicone adjustable one.

Hope this is helpful.

Hey and welcome johnny,
Unfortunately most penis pumps are temporary and will after some time take you back to what your original size is, however They do help increase blood flow which will give you stronger and bigger erections, the bathmate is excellent for this and can increase girth for a few days after use. I have a review on the Bathmate as I found this to be the best pump on the market.

Other methods You can try is using cock rings to achieve a longer lasting erection or try some of natures remedies such as adding zinc into your diet. As for lasting longer you could buy some delay spray/lubricant from lovehoney which work extremely well or you could buy a fleshlight to practice on. A lot of people do edgeing exercises, so you simply get yourself to the point just before orgasm and then stop, keep repeating this a few times a day for a couple of weeks and it may help lasting a little longer. Also try adding some jelqing exercises into your routine, you can find plenty of guides online for this and may be worth investigating.

Thanks for your replies so far :)

I don't really switch off.. It's more like I... blow a fuse xD Will you let me know if the pills work - I had also considered this. (And also which ones you use).

I have used one before, I bought this:
a year or so ago, only used it once though because it was tight as hell... I vaguely remember it did make me harder, but it was so damn tight it was uncomfortable.
What dyou mean an adjustable one?

As I said, I'm not looking to be "bigger" not in length anyway. Are you saying that after the cesation of using a pump that the erections will continue to be stronger? I hadn't considered a delay spray but again, it's only a temporary fix is it not?
I'll try edging, I have done that before.. Not sure if it helped me last longer though.
I've heard some bad things about jelqing- like you can introduce a curve etc.? Have you tried it?


JohnnyDoe wrote:

I have used one before, I bought this:
a year or so ago, only used it once though because it was tight as hell... I vaguely remember it did make me harder, but it was so damn tight it was uncomfortable.
What dyou mean an adjustable one?

Yeah, I thought you might struggle with none adjustable ones being the size you are. Here's an example of an adjustable one:" Basically you can change the size of it to fit you, so you can get it tight enough to be effective but not so tight that it hurts. If you'd like it to vibrate there's also this one:"

Thanks for that :) I might order one soon and give it a try :)

Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive response! I have tried some of the things you mentioned and will try some of the others :) Some things ring true and some things are different for me.. I guess I'll just keep trying different things.. But you think a penis pump will help in terms of strength/hardness?

Are you on any sort of medications? There's plenty that inhibit sexual performance. That might be a cause.