I have been seeing someone for about two months now but I am not happy.

He really cares about me and i do him but i just dont feel no love towards him. I feel more like a friend but i think he really likes me.

We argue alot and the sex isnt great and i cannot see myself staying with him. I hate breaking up with guys and dont want to hurt him :(

any advice?



It sounds to me like your mind is made up, just bite the bullet, it's better for you both in the long run, rather than wasting your time if there is no future.

Sum Sub wrote:

It sounds to me like your mind is made up, just bite the bullet, it's better for you both in the long run, rather than wasting your time if there is no future.

+1 If you really have no feelings towards him and you are not happy then it is time to move on.

Be gentle but honest and hopefully you can remain friends. Hope this helps xx

Yup, you've clearly already made your mind up. You're not happy with him, you don't feel anything more than friendship and you can't see yourself staying with him. Breaking up with someone can be emotionally difficult, but I think you're better off doing it sooner rather than later. Sometimes we have to be selfish and think of ourselves though, especially when we're unhappy in a situation or relationship.

You'd rather spend the rest of your life, or even another few years completely miserable to avoid hurting someone? I know it is not a nice thing to have to do, but it is seriously best for you both if you do end it. Otherwise you will both be very unhappy in the long run. Two months is not very long and clearly in those 8 weeks, things have not been great. This should be the honeymoon period but you are arguing a lot already and you have zero feelings for him.

It will only get harder to end things, the longer you leave it and the more he falls in love with you, so my advice would be to rip off that bandaid fast. Yup it is going to hurt at first and he probably won't like it, but I imagine he would feel much worse in the long run if he realised he was with a girl who was only with him because she felt too sorry for him to break up with him (If this makes sense) Most of us feel this way and don't want to hurt others, but you must also enjoy your own life.

Good luck xxxxx

Sooner rather than later! It'll hurt longer in the long run and cause bitterness if you just continue this way.
It's not good for either of you!

We men are crap at break ups, if you have made your mind up its best done quick so you can both move on if you want keep him as a friend then that's a bit more difficult. We get mixed signals from a woman trying to do it nicely/gently . Is she just passed off at the mo, do I still have a chance or is this a test to see how much I like her. Short sharp and no chance of a reconciliation. Sorry not what you wanted to hear but it is for the best. You never know he may be feeling the same.

Thanks guys. You are all right. I will have to tell him soon. He can probably tell something is up anyway as i have been acting a bit off lately but it is true, better to do is sooner rather than later.

I did that in the past and was with someone for 4 years until i decided i had had enough

I really appreciate your comments x

Just rip the bandaid off, it will hurt less now than if you continue to lead him on.

Lots of good advice as always. No point dragging it out and wasting time for both of you.
Good luck x

Babe, you have answered your own question and yes, everyone here will (and already have) said the same thing. Quit now as prolonging it will not help. Good luck and keep fishing.

End it life iis too short to be unhappy plenty more fish in the sea