Advise please

Not sure how to ask realy, be patient Im new to this

So my hubby likes my vaginal inner lips to be big and swollen, he likes me clean shaven, so he can suck and pull them, and smacks them, he calls it pussy lip training, and loves to see toys pushing up past my lips, I have to admit to liking it, and do orgasm as my lips become realy senstive they usually return to normal, after, but Im sure he would like it if they stayed like it , we have thought of a pussy pump but not sure how they work.

Ive not read of anyone else doing this, and just wondered if other men liked swollen lips.


Heres a video guide on how to use pussy pumps

also have a look on the pussy pumps section

pick several you like the look of and read through the reviews, the reviews are a brilliant way to determine if you may get on with it or not. also watch the demonstration videos too!

another good tip is if you do not get on with a particular pump you can get a refund up to 1 year with lovehoney!

good luck!


I too very much enjoy the erotic view and texture of engorged labia. I m high aroused by all the aspects of an aroused vagina but an open , wet vagina is just exquisite. So I'd recommend this toy to help indulge your hubbys passion of your body.

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gosh I have nt seen anything like that before, seriously will consider for my next purchase, I do love feeling spread wide open, and Im sure my hubby will love it

MissyLoo wrote:

gosh I have nt seen anything like that before, seriously will consider for my next purchase.

You / he will not be disappointed . try just touching it once its inserted with a vibrater.

I'm also very fond of speculums to as they show of all the wonders of the vagina.

Ive just seen there are two kinds one has clamps, do you recommend either of them

Yes the Collins speculum above used with the screw at the bottom. Exposes the clit and the meateus of the vagina foot, the g spot and a wonderfully exquisite few of the cervix. If you can find a see through plastic one even better.