After sex

You’ve just finished a steamy hot session, what is the first thing you like to do straight after?

Mine has always been have a cigarette but it’s now a vape :blush:


First of all I suck him clean whilst inhaling his scent…then cuddle up and inhale his pheromones with my head on his chest…




Have a vape, have a drink, nip to the toilet, then usually fall to sleep cuddled up.

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If the day finally comes for me I’d would love to end it exactly how @CurvyJilly described. I would happily fall asleep on them with their arms wrapped around me.

I class cleaning them up as part of the process :joy:


Yep very similar, making sure all of the scent is on me, then a nice long cuddle.

Sadly it’s been so long I have forgot what its like.

We lie head to toe and tickle each other’s bits for a while. Sometimes we end up fucking again. But usually we just chat. Kiss each other good night snd go to sleep with me spooning her.


This may be the cutest reply yet :pleading_face:

Quietly get dressed and sneak out of the house :smirk:


Clean one another up then cuddle for us

  1. Attempt to identify any wet spots and deal with them accordingly (lost loads later in the night are the worst)
  2. If I come inside her, it’s usually first as I can’t last too long without blowing a load. I will usually grab a bunch of tissues as she waits for me to come back around
  3. Immediately focus on finishing her, usually with oral or a toy, maybe fingering and some intense nipple sucking.
  4. Then head to the bathroom for a mop up, a pee, hand and cock wash and depending on where the load landed, maybe a quick shower.

I’m rarely allowed to orgasm so I’m usually hyper after a session with my wife. I let her calm down then get up and bring her breakfast in bed (our sessions are almost always in the morning).

If I’ve been pegged then I’m usually emotionally drained so I tend to lie with my head on her stomach and the (cleaned) head of the dildo in my mouth. I can fall asleep in this position.

I too like to suck him clean :yum: and I love to smell his smell :woozy_face: while having a cuddle and just chat.
Then get into the spooning position and fall asleep, while feeling his erection between my bum cheeks :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Absolute bliss :ok_hand:


I reach for the mouthwash and soap haha :see_no_evil:


Once had a ONS finish the walk out of the room and go downstairs. Genuinely didn’t know what to do with myself :joy:

Depends if Mrs K’s tied to something :yum: If she’s been restrained, I tend to slowly release her from her bonds, and help her get comfortable. A glass of water is usually essential at this point. Small acts of service basically to make her feel cared for.

After this, we’ll usually cuddle/spoon. A glass of wine or piece of chocolate to hand always goes down well.


Put the condom in the bin and wash and my wife pee’s then normally back to bed.

A quick clean-up with baby wipes, then I make him pick up the small decorative cushions that he kicked all over the place :joy:

Don’t worry my cushions always need to be back in place :joy:

Nowadays wake up and stop dreaming :flushed::joy:

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