Afternoon all

In a relationship with my GF

We are 28/27, and have been together for 8ish years.

Sex Life started to die after around four years and had fizzled out to once a week recently, at best.

We had played around with light bondage a few years earlyier but nothing serious.

Couple of weeks ago, I bought the WiiVibe 3, tied her up, blind folded her and popped it in :)

We've not looked back.

Ordered the FSOG hard limits kit (the purple one was out of stock) and a bionic bullet, so hoping to see how things go. I'll see if I can get her interested in posting on here

Hi welcome, hope you enjoy the forums :)

Welcome to the forums. LTRs tend to go through fits and starts like that. (Well, mine did haha) Glad to see you two are having a good time!

Greetings, enjoy ;-)

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Thanks for the back story, it really helps peope if they know a little about the situation.

Glad your sex life is looking up!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hello n welcome, hope you enjoy