Age difference

Hi all...

Just thought i would ask if age bothers anyobe here? Or anybody else has a age gap?

Me and my OH have a 14 year difference, im 24 and hes 37. I never thought about it before i met him but it doesn't bother us or our families in the slightest.

I ask this as we get get looks when we are out holding hands & kissing!! I once got really angry in a restaurant as this woman was lookinf at us constantly, turns out she just wanted to know what we were eating as she wanted it!! Lol


For relationships I think age is certainly something I think about. I have been on and I am on a few dating sites (Not that I really use them as much as I should), but from this I've found myself lnot going for anyone under a certain age as well as not going for anyone over a certain age, With me it's just a case of prefering to have someone around my age give or take the odd few years older or younger than me.

I don't have a problem with others who have an age gap, and actually my sister is married to someone 10 years older, so I have some experience of the age gap in other peoples live and can see it works well for them, but it's still not for me .

I don't see age difference as being a problem, it's entirely up to the couple's compatibility. There's not a huge difference between my husband and I, but I have friends and family with about 10years difference, I don't even see age, just a couple that work well together.

I personally don't have an age gap with my partner, but one of my best friends is generally attracted to older men and has had age gaps of 20 years in some of her relationships. A lot of people have been really negative towards her about it, especially as she looks a lot younger than she is, so people make out that it's in some way abusive or exploitative.

I think that age can matter in relationships, but only when it's in combination with their personality. If someone's a nice person, their age doesn't matter. It all depends on the person though :) I certainly don't have any problem with age gap relationships in general.

My ex was 11 years older than me. I was 18 he was 29, I don't see age as a problem as long as its... say, a 14 year old with a 29 year old.

Anything with a minor is wrong in my book but besides that I dont see an issue.

My husband ten years older cant see problem. But with minors i think there is

I'm 6 years older than my hubby but I dont often think of the age gap unless something like this crops up ! We married when I was 24 and he was 18 - my parents were against it but to be honest they were against most things I did. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in June and as well as being still very much in love, we're also best friends. Someone did ask me once if I would have dated him when I was 16 - but as he would have been 10 I dont think so !!

My partner is 9 years older than me. We don't pay much attention to it. My parents are happy if I am and so are his parents

Yeah completely agree with the minor thing!
It is personal preference, also when I told my work mates it was a running joke, good job i love them! But he did and still does get called a legend!! How unfair lol.

My dad jokingly calls me a cougar because my bf is 5 years younger than me :P

Hi all,

This is my first time on any forum of any kind so please be gentle- lol!

this might be shocking and not viewed kindly by others but I was 15 when me and my OH started going out and he was 21. We'd talked about it for over 9 months before we started dating so it wasn't something we entered into lightly. We didn't have sex until I was older. People used to comment openly on our relationship but funnily enough it was ME that got insults and abuse from other women, rather than my OH. They said things like "he should be with a real woman like me" etc.

8years later and we are still going strong. I turn 24 this year and my OH just turned 30.

Hi black rose and welcome!!

It's nice to hear you are still going strong! If you dont mind me asking how did your family take it? Mine were happy I found someone who made me happy!

Age is a funny one, I'm 5 years younger than my fiancé and tgats perfect for me. I have always acted older than my age, and you know what they say about men.... So we meet nicely in the middle :)

Personally, I wouldn't want an age gap any bigger than that. I think as well that as you get older tge age gap becomes more apparent. There's 10 years between my OHs parents and it's really noticeable now he is retired and wants to be winding down but she is 10 years younger and insists on making him do diy, gardenings, lots of shopping and they both get a bit frustrated.

Rather than being about physical age, I have found compatibility is much more about maturity and respect. At 24 you can still be very childish or on the other hand be very mature and confident and know what you want in life already.

I wouldnt let age worry you if you really love someone and they love you and you both have similar outlooks in life

I think its mutual interests and how the individual acts rather than age.

An aquaintence of mine is 28 and never had a boyfriend. She's a lovely girl but shes so dependant on her family, that despite working full time since she was 18 she has no interest in moving out and only learnt to drive this year. Shes spent her whole life being "babied" by her parents that she cant cook/clean for herself and has no real life experience.

Because of her reliance on her parents, she hasnt socialised much away from them so all her interests are similar to theirs, such as trainspotting, bird watching, historical re-enactments and so on. Because of that (nothing wrong with her interests imo) she has more in common with older men, yet because shes so immature older men arent interested in dating a grown woman who depends so much on her parents. Likewise she doesnt have a lot in common with men her age, although they are the ones shes attracted to.

Age gap isnt a problem there is 12 years between me and my wife. As long as ur happy doesn't matter what people think.

I don't see any problem with age difference as long as we are talking purely about adults.

I've got a huge gap with y husband. I'm 26 and he is 53 in July. I understand that's a lot bigger gap than most but we are so happy together. X

Age is just a number. If you are both happy together then go for it. Im 5yrs younger than my wife and we get on fine.

I am 6 years older than my OH and there is no trouble. She just turned 32 and I am 38 in December. We don't even think much of the age difference, apart from some teasing jokes now and then.

I used to date older women in my twenties (one 10 and another 12 years older than me) and the connection was very good.

But I have to admit in my mind there was a bit of an issue with committing further with the latest one and not being able to forming a family (I was 29 and she was 42 with two daughters and had had hysterectomy) I think that and the long distance the second year together was what eventually made me want to end the relationship, not the actual age itself, but not being able to have children with her was a strong issue, though.

We still are in good terms. I think the age difference would not have been a problem if we had lived in the same city and she was still fertile

For me age doesn't matter . On saying this there is only about 5 years difference anyway between me and my Mrs. Its the trust and chemistry of the relationship that counts and is most important. Without good chemistry it is difficult to have a long term relationship and almost impossible without trust .Trust doesn't happen over night either . It is earned over time . Sex is only a very small part but obviously the most enjoyable.

Just my views.