age gaps....xx

please dont judge me, ive been called allsorts because of the age gap between me and my partner, so has he. we met when i was 15, we went on a few dates before even disscusing ages when we finally did we found out he was 15 years older than me i expected him to run a mile but he tol me he thought so much of me he didnt care, we didnt sleep together straight away i think wed been dating for ova a month, yes ok i did fall pregnant and yes i was underage but when your ready your ready right, i had my son 7 months after my 16th birthday, and here we are 5 years on we now live together have a wonderfull 3 year old and are hoping for another sometime soon! everyone didnt think we would last his family didnt even give us a year and my family even my mum gave us between 1-2 years so we showed them, we are stronger than ever and love the same things he thinks im georgeous and hes fantastic in bed so who cares about the age gap because i certainly dont!

As long as you are both happy with each other then why should age matter?
If you have lasted this long and met a few hurdles then chances are you have a real and lasting partnership. I met my other half on the internet, many gave us a few weeks, the generous ones a few months, but 5 years on we are still very much together. Love conquers all!

age is nuffin but a number


Age gaps don't matter. My boyfriend is about a decade older than me (we first met online when I was only 13/14, were really good friends but didn't take it further for obvious reasons...then when I was 16, he visited me and asked me out. I said yes and that was that :) we live together now, and have done for over half a year). We're completely crazy about each other, and I don't think I could find anyone more perfect for me.

thank you to all of you its nice to know theres people out there that dont judge, yep we have met a few hurdles but they have just made us stronger than ever, like youve all said whats in age its just a number, he makes me happy and still loves me even though i look horrid in the mornings, i can be wearing my 'comfy' clothes with no make up on and hair a mess and he still tells me i look georgeous! thank you again and best of luck to all of you!

hiya age dont matter at all i'm 22 and my husband to be is 37 we have been togeather as well as living together for 4 years nowand we have a 1 yr old daughter. we are best friends as well as fiancee so it goes to show. we are getting married this year too.

Hi there. I am 27 and my husband is 40. We have a great relationship and the age gap doesnt make a blind bit off difference to us!!

Bumbum my Wife now 24, we met when she was 18. We have lived together since mid 2000, have a Son 18months old and got married 2005. We there 4each other, that matters. Age’s only remote, young at Heart that counts. I’m 47 ;)

Age dont matter at all my mum has had a string of failed relationships with men her own age, in 1997 she met a guy 12 years younger than her and they are now married and enjoying life together, it dont matter if its 12 years, 20 years or 1 year, its the person your with.

age is just a nuber and hu gives a shit what anyone else thinks, as long as your happy and its rite for u then thats all that matters.
thiers 9 years between me and my partner. so dont worry hunni. and i met mine wen i was 15 also.

As they all say, age doesn't matter.. even the other way around works well.. I am 23 and my girlfriend is 34.. we are together more than 2 years now and that's exactly 2 years more than most people gave us.. never been in such an amazing relationship before!

so anyone who doubts.. just go for it, but obviously you should make sure you know what you're doing and about what your partner is feeling for you..
I want to remark that often it turns out very well (all the stories above proove this), young people (boys and girls) should be careful on the internet I believe.. not to preech, but the given fact that anyone can say whatever he/she wants over the net is a bit dangerous.. so my (sorry to get carried away) advise to young people is that when they first meet, let it be with friends or in a very familiar environment where you know people or where you at least feel very comfortable..

My husband is 9 years older than me, nothing now but when we started going together I was only 18. My family gave me grief about the age gap but it was me who seduced him! My friends were jealous, his parents were brilliant,the nasty comments were from my parents and 12 month older sister who was brilliant at first then got dead jealous and nasty after we went away on a 2xcouples caravan holiday and she discovered I was getting loads more than her despite her having been engaged for 18 months ! The green eyed monster...we have never really been close since.

Hi there all, When Mrs Sexybeast and I first got together she was 24 and I was 8 years older. We have now been together for over twenty years and boy do they fly. So forget the neggies and make the most of your time together.

Sweetie... From one expert to another on age gap relationships.. age is not important when you are in love. I was 16 and 2 weeks when I met my boyfriend of the internet he was alot older than I have thought he was 36. At first I suppose I was gutted, but we fell in love and we are still here together 5 years on. My family dooomed me, i'd go even far enough to say some disowned me. But hey it's there loss.
I hope you have many more happy years together... because you never get this time back.

me and my fella have bin 2geva 4 just over 4 years and we have the most fantastic relationship... and 6 kids between us (2 2geva) the best sex life eva... and most important we're HAPPY!!! so naff to any1 who has anything to say bout us. the gap is 15yrs hes 38 and ive just turned 23. so go 4 it...WHAT WILL BE WILL BE!!!

hey there Miss Trouble, i'm sure you dont need me to tell you this hun but i believe its true to say that OA we are all here to grow and learn, i've never (yet) seen ANY member directly or indirectly 'judge' another, its how and why we all feel comfortable here, and as you can see you are in great company hun so relax and enjoy


My fiance is 10 years older than me, and we met in Bulgaria, and no he doesn't stay in the UK, he stays in Holland. Age was a huge issue in the beginning of our relationship, then came the distance, but we have tackled both hurdles head on and come out winners...

So to hell with what other people say, if you want to make it work, you will make it work!!!

my wife was 40 when we first got together and i was 32. we just had our ninth ann. and still like to fuck and have fun as if we were in our 20s.

hey all
thank you so much for all your comments
im well at ease now and well away with my reviews lol!
we r still going strong im pleased to say n our lil mans turned 4 now EEEK!
my other halfs sister was the only 1 whos neva liked us being together but hey guess wot afta all this time shes fianlly excepted me
so thanks again for all your kind words
i know im in good company on here!