All day Butt Plug

Hi I am looking for a butt plug that can be worn for extended periods. I already have the Doc Johnson Mood Large plug and a Fun Factory plug, but now want to try something larger.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Hi and welcome to the forums. A few suggestions for you.... ....this is super comfortable.

Lovehoney sell a huge range of butt plugs so I'm sure you'll find something you like x

Hi Terri JJ

Many thanks for your suggestions, I'll give them a try and see how things go.

Hi andyp1,

If I may, this one is by far the most comfortable large butt plug I have every tried, and can be worn for hours without any problem:

Whilst perhaps a bit big this goes in and stays put really well; a oil based lube can help make it easier to wear for a long time?

Thanks for the suggestions I have ordered a couple of the suggestions


Will post reviews soon!

I misread that as Aldi Buttplug.

i thought, fucking hell, they'll sell anything..