All of that delicious liquid!

We use incontinence pads/puppy pads- also from that big online retailer. Save so much washing etc.

Definitely a +1 for a waterproof bed sheet. we use latex ones as its a bit of a turn on plus durable. Unfortunately cant find fitted ones for our size bed which is a shame.

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Buy the wedge! We love ours!

So my wife and I have been married for almost 20 years. I’m her first, and I’ve never seen her squirt.

We have always been pretty reserved when talking about sex…. Until about two weeks ago.

Our sex has always been pretty vanilla, which I am ok with. She doesn’t like to receive or give oral. She is who she is. That is not a deal breaker for me.

A couple weeks ago, we were drinking with friends, and the subject of sex came up. We’ve never talked this talk with any friends before.

Next thing I know, wife and are are sending sexy messages, and discussing things we never discussed before.

A couple nights later, we were having sex. All of a sudden, she was on top, and said she was coming. This caught me off guard, because I know how to make her come, because I do it every time we have sex.

This was different, because I wasn’t making her come, she was making herself come, with my penis.

She came HARD. And next thing I know, my stomach and penis was soaking wet. She squirted all over.

It was incredibly awesome and hot. We never experienced this before, and she was almost embarrassed, but I told her multiple times that it was awesome!

I’ve been on a work trip since then, but I’m coming home tomorrow. We agreed that we’re going to try that again!!

My OH has squirted in my fingers and also on my penis while having PIV sex. The other day we were having oral and I must have hit her in just the right spot because she gave me a lovely warm facial by squirting on my face. Now that we both know what works we’re looking forward to more of the same.

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That sounds delightful! Once you find what works it’s sooo good.

Happy squirting!

Which one do you recommend? I think I’m going to have to definitely invest in one

Wow that’s incredible that it started after that long together

Yes. We never really tried for it (in fact we didn’t even know that it was a thing) and it just suddenly happened. Now its becoming a much more regular occurrence.

We just have the normal position wedge. We use it pretty often. It doesn’t work so well under me as the giver but it does work for us when under her as the receiver.

My wife loved to squirt she has the best orgams for squirting. We started off with a little but now she can squirt across the bed we do find if she doesn’t squirt for a couple of days there is more but guess that’s just like us men and cum.

She loves doggy style and using her wand while I move in and out slowly the feeling is great when she is about squirt everything get tighter.

We have started to get a bit more adventurous with it and I love when she stands over me and squirts all over my face the best feeling and taste it great.