Almost a year...

...after my wife and I first used the site, and I thought it time to get involved.

Planning to write some reviews of what we've tried so far. Our perspective might be unusual compared with most here - we've been together for over 20 years, and we're the only partner the other has had...

As they say, the chemical attraction only works for 18 months, so we've worked hard at keeping sex alive during that time. Currently coming out of a less active period in our sex lives, and both committed to a change!


Hi hope you enjoy the forums :)

hello n welcome, hope you enjoy

Hi and welcome x

Hi, welcome to the forums! I look forward to seeing some of your reviews, nice introduction here! :)

Hi welcome x

Good evening and welcome to the OA :)

Thanks guys....impatiently waiting for my reviews to pass approval.


And as I write this I get my first approval email! Yay!

Glad you're both enjoying the site, and the upswing in your love lives!

Review approval is usually a formality. Lh just check through for major errors or bad style, but they're pretty keen to get as many as possible up.

All the best,