Aloha from the sunny North

Hey guys,

I'm kind of a newbie although I think I had a previous account under a different email address which I can't remember.

But here I am, eagerly awaiting my new purchase.

I love the great selection of toys on this site, one day I will own one of those fucking machines....


Hi and welcome very sexy p

Hello & welcome to the Orgasm Army!

We r a really friendly bunch (except 4 me!)

Here is the official welcome thread (and OA rules):


ps I'm the OA's resident letch!

Wilkibo wrote:

ps I'm the OA's resident letch!

and cyclist too?

Welcome to the forums KM!

Hello & welcome

hello and welcome hope you have fun kid

Hiya, welcome to the site! xx

hello and welcome

hello K!

i hated being the new kid so at least as you are new too, i'm not alone!! hahaha

Hi and welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome. Love the profile pic. See you around. X

Hi, welcome to the forum!

I am a fellow northerner too!