Alternative foreplay ideas

I'm not a virgin but also was married for 10 years so I got used to knowing things to do.
My current partner really confuses me.
He doesn't like vibration it makes him go soft
He doesn't like cock rings
He doesn't like blowjobs although I've made him come this way
He doesn't like his balls or perinium touched.

Please give me tips men, I'm really at the end if my knowledge. I'd like to be able to return the favour of foreplay but it this moment have no idea what try. I've tried getting it out of him and suggested all the kinky stuff incase he's nervous to tell me that even thou he accused me of being kinky after looking in my toy draw so I doubt it's something he's scared to tell me.

Please give me ideas!

The only way is to talk. We are all different. He may be worried about opening up to you. One thing to try is to write questions for eachother. Be gentle though, and don't compare to previous partners.

Good luck.

I presume here anfd it looks like you have tried talking to him. You really need to keep chipping away at that as its an essential corner stone of a relationship IMHO .I presume there are no medical issues such as ED that he is hiding from you and therefore making excuses not to have sex ? Again you perhaps need to do some digging .

A few things you could try .

Find out what uniforms turn him on and then get one. He will be like putty in your hands.

Watch a mucky not necessarily a porn film together. When you see a seen you like ask him if you would like to try that . Classics like 91/2 weeks

Give him a massage. Many guys like receiving one of them . My Mrs even has a certain masseaurs uniform for the occassion.

if you have confidence in your own dancing ability and body , do a sexy striptease for him . For the final piece of clothing obtain some side tie pants and ask him to pull the ribbon as you dance near him.

Others will probably have some ideas for you as well.

Good luck

It is shouting "upbringing" to me.

If you make him cum with a bj but then he says he does'nt like them then I would assume that he does like it all but is afraid to admit it.

I think this is a case of read between the lines. How would he react if you threaten to tie him up and have your wicked way. Take away his control and he may be able to relax and enjoy himself.

Not easy getting into such a zone but would be very rewarding for you both.

A safe word may be applicable.

You could try it only pairs compatible and those inwhich something hasn't been dismissed altogether

Edit: Is this the guy who wants to perform anal on you?

It is tiger dick. He's still being told in my own time.
He has no fantasies and says her gets turned on giving pleasure. I may be a very lucky girl!
Im guessing it's anal that is his turn on.
He's definitely not the‚Äč shy type so it's no sexual repression.
I've asked him a few times so I think I'll just have to see if he volunteers anything. I just feel very inadequate not being able to turn him on with touch on him. Very unusual situation.

If he doesn't like his balls or perenium touched then it could be a sensitivity issue? He might be incredibly sensitive and stimulation could be painful as a result. If it is that it would explain why he's not into blowjobs, vibrations and cock rings.