Alternative nipple toys?!


As part of my first order recently, I received the nipple tweezers and the bright pink bulb affairs!

Although good quality etc they just don't work for me...the pink bulbs are just too...well I feel downright stupid in them tbh.

Although I like the look of the nipple tweezers they aren't right either; they are either too loose (although they feel good) and they pull off when the chain is tugged or if on tight enough to withstand the tugging of the chain, they blinking well hurt (well, I am a newbie when it comes to pain!)

I can just about stand it until I come as my mind is being delightfully distracted but as soon as thats over, the pain is TOO much...

So any ideas? I'm ideally after something that will stay on whilst any chain is pulled with some vigour (!!) but won't make me want to scream!


cant say i have tried any of these or can recommend any but this is what a LH search came up with

Might be an idea to say which clamps you used, since different styles of clamp can get different results, and a lot of it is down to your own nipple size/shape and pain threshold. I know the Crossover ones don't suit me too well because they fall off too easily (too big for my nipples), so I'm looking for something with a smaller clip when I have more funds.

Ack, of course they're the ones you reviewed! /bonk

Maybe some of the broad tip ones would suit you better, get a bit more grip? seem decent enough, and have the adjustible screws so yuo can choose how tight they go.

You could try out these:

Since its a set of 3 there should be something that you like, I think

hi everyone,i just ordered for my high beam nipple clamps,am quiet excited and wouldnt mind sme saucy info from my love honey friends.i am definitely going solo since my hubby's not adventurous as' i have become' all i the name of love honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.xxxx.

Thanks for your replies everyone...

Thinking of trying the ones where you pump up your nipples then apply the clear rubber rings....!

Will let you all know how I get this rate I will become the resident nipple expert!!

x GG