Am I Even Welcome Here?!

I was part of (what I thought was) a great community and then their dirty little secrets got out, and it ruined it for me. Now I want to join another community similiar to the one I was part of, but this says UK and I'm in the USA, and I know that I can order things from other countries, but am I welcome here? Is the shipping going to be outrageous?! I just wanna feel like I belong and start building my collection back up. And not spend a TON of money. And I wanna get back into writing reviews. I miss writing reviews.

Btw, I'm Missy. *waves* Slightly dramatic, needy, fun loving, corny sex toy enthusiast.

Of course you're welcome, there's people from all over the world here *waves back frantically*

Haha missy dont be silly! OF COURSE your welcome here!

Like seriously ask people the kinds of things ive posted...

Before LH i didnt really know what a sex toy was and thanks to the people here and everyones support my collection is growong :)

I think we are gonna be friends :) Welcome to love honey! *waves frantically back and hits self in face...ow*

PS: fyi im a person that never feels comfortable in any situation im freaking out and i put walls up to everyone... this is the one place i can be ME and know that what i say is safe... :)

Of course you're welcome here! I can't tell you about delivery charges but there a few people here not form UK and they always say how good delivery is. As far as the community goes jump right in! :)

Frantic waving!! That's my favorite kind!!

Self abuse!!

I got my ID when I was 18 just so I could go into a sex store. But I thought they were taboo. So I didn't really start liking toys until 2012. Then I kinda went nuts. Lol.

I feel like myself in a sex+ community too. I really miss having a place to go to talk to people about things I actually give a hoot about.

Maybe someone outside of teh UK will jump in with an answer to that one. =D

Im from Australia!! *waves*

Your more then welcome here. :3 I only joined today and everyone's awesome.
*waves, not frantically, but shyly*

Have you always enjoyed writing reviews?

Everyones welcome here!

Hi and welcome to the forum! :-)

Welcome! Mr. B and I live in MT, USA. I love Lovehoney and I love the forums! One of the most open, inviting communities I have ever been a part of. :) Shipping to the US is really easy. Pay over $40 and the shipping is free. The first time takes about a week and a half, then the following orders are faster. Orders with just toys are twice as fast as orders that have any lube or liquids(they have to go through extra at customs as well as be approved by the FDA. Since we are not paying taxes on these orders, you will recieve a customs bill after you recieve your order. For example: My last order was $287 and I had to pay $29 in taxes. Have fun!!!!

Welcome and hope you enjoy the forums :)

Hi there and welcome to the forums. Hope you have fun :) xx

Hello :-D and of course you are welcome! Everyone is very nice and friendly here. X

Hello and welcome!

Hi. Everyone is welcome here. I guess the only issue with the forum might be the time difference but there seems to be people on here most if the day and night!

Hi, we live in Spain and enjoy the LH community. We're sure you will as well. Welcome!

Although you don't need to say the name of the company/community - what was the secret about them that came out?

Hi and welcome