am I TOO old?

As I've said on my profile, although I'm "only" 42 and have 3 grandchildren I love to try out new things. And although my HTB LOVES my body, mother nature can be quite ruthless.

I've seen, and LOVE the Exposed Liquid Onyx Plus Size Cupless Merry Widow and G-String set, and I'm worried I may be taking the adventurous side of me a little to far and should just stick to pretty stockings, suspenders et al :(

Go for it! There's no such thing as too old and life's too short to not do the things that make you happy. If you love it, get it - I'm sure your other half will love it as well.

I'm just worried I'll feel a little bit silly. The HTB likes spotaneity whereas I like to plan things out (only in my head) and think of different outcomes to scenarios.

I know he wouldnt intentionally laugh AT me but I think I'd die of shame if he actually did.

It's only since meeting him that Ive developed any sexual confidence and I don't want that knocked by being a bit too ambitious.


I have the non plus size version and im sure he wouldnt laugh. my hubby didnt

Thanks ladies <3

If you like it and feel good in it how could you not be sexy? Confidence is the sexiest thing you can own, you could wear somthing "age appropriate" and feel frumpy or you could wear somthing that makes you feel amazing. Go for it!

littlemab wrote:

If you like it and feel good in it how could you not be sexy? Confidence is the sexiest thing you can own, you could wear somthing "age appropriate" and feel frumpy or you could wear somthing that makes you feel amazing. Go for it!

+1. I bet he won't laugh! I had a similar thing sending a photo to my guy- thought he'd think it was just a bit, well, lame. I only had good comments, so I think the thing to do is bite the bullet, go for what makes you feel sexy and I'm sure he'll respond in a positive way :)

I'm sure he wouldn't laugh, but when you are planning to wear it you could always say that you have surprise for him later but not tell him what it is? That way he'll know he's going to get a sexy surprise, but he won't know what it is

Your never too old! I'm over 40 and love dressing up. I love the outfit you have chosen btw - it is very sexy. I'm sure your husband would be very excited to see you wearing that. Definitely go for it :D xx

In my mind it would work like this;

I'd tell him that something had come up and he'd have to make his own way home from the station.

When he got back I'd be stood in the bedroom wearing just that, heels, holding the whip (that we bought along with the other novice bondage gear and has yet to see the light of day) and a MASSIVE smile :)


Hey I'm 42 as well and very overweight, but I have recently started wearing sexy stuff for my hubby and he loves it! From your profile pic you look to have a fantastic figure so go for it! I'm sure his eyes will pop out, but in a good way!

I don't want to bleat on about an abusive ex husband, but after my divorce my confidence was less than zero and although the HTB is boosting it no end I stlll have a long way to go and that I think is my main problem. Even when the HTB tells me I'm "stunning" part of me still thinks he's taking the proverbial :/

I think I should just take the advice I willingly dish out to friends and carpe diem :)

I'm over 50 and I wear all sorts of sexy lingerie and outfits and my hubby loves it all ,go for it he'll love it too x

Go for it, without a doubt!

If you have any doubts do what I do, try it on alone before hand, spend a little while moving about in it and build the confidence for others to see you in it.

By the way - I love that particluar one, it's on my to buy list!

Age shouldn't be the thing to stop you, like others have said, it's just a number :)

Can you help me out with what an htb is please?

I'm guessing husband to be?

Yeah husband-to-be.....he's the reason it never worked out with anyone else <3

And I'm going to do have all been amazing THANYOU :D


Noooo never to old, go for it ! I hope I look that good when I'm a gran :)

I'm sure it will look cracking! Go for it and rock it! x

I saw the title of this thread and came in expecting to reassure an 80-something user and welcome them into the fold. 42?? There's no such thing as too old nanasam, but even if there was, trust me - 42 wouldn't be it!

I bet Mother Nature hasn't been as ruthless as you think it has, either. As a society, we've started to place an almost ridiculous standard of beauty on ourselves, and it's not achievable or sustainable for the average person. You've had kids and you're not 16 years old - body changes will happen, but I bet your body is still beautiful. Your htb clearly thinks so, or he wouldn't be signing up to the whole "til death do us part" deal. :)