Amazon Lovehoney

Is it ok to buy sex toys off Amazon if the item is dispatched and sold by Lovehoney? I know it's dodgy to do but my boyfriend couldn't order me my present off here no matter what he tried so I had to resort to Amazon because I couldn't find another site that stocks what I wanted. Kinda nervous about it but I'm hoping it might be ok because the seller is still Lovehoney and it's not dispatched by anyone else

Have you tried customer care? Im not sure you would get oh points or possibly even returns if you order via amazon rather than direct from here. I would give them a chat and see if they can resolve the issue he is having ordering.

Yeah I tried that beforehand and they weren't able to help :(

Get him to buy gift vouchers, and then order the item yourself.

I didn't think to do that at all.. :(

why couldn't he order it, what was the problem?

It kept coming up as an error

oh thats weird :/

Hiya- if you pop back through with the Amazon order number that will help us figure it out.