Anal Advice

Since splitting with my partner I haven't been able to find my anal beads and I am definitely missing dressing up in my lingerie and having my beads in my bum. So the question is: I haven't had toys up my bum for 6 months so what would people advise? Should I start off small and get my bum used to being full and open again? Or should I go for the kill lol? Just haven't gone this long before and don't want to injure myself.

hi kev i would start small and see how it goes, and use loads of quality lube


While it would be best to start small and work up However, if this isn't an option with the available toys I think you can certainly give it a try. I reckon that the ability to accept a certain size of toy is more a matter of training your mind and anus to relax enough rather than a major physiological stretching. Given that it's a matter of you inserting a toy yourself I think you are much less likely to do yourself an injury than you would be if, after a long lay-off, someone else was driving the toy.

So, as long as it's a toy you have accommodated before and you go slowly on the insertion with lots of lube and stop if it starts to hurt you should be OK.

I once had a lube I bought from my local sex shop which was in a black bottle can't remember name! Does anyone have any decent suggestions for lube and toys from LH?

Well, for making toys really slick for easy insertion Liquid Silk is good. Being water-based it does dry out after a while (which is why we use a combination of LS and a silicone as the latter are great for staying power)

lube ,lube and more lube slips in nice and easy then

Good recommendation Gyrator, hubby & I really rate liquid silk, our favourite lube.

However if we're ever using toys anally, we use this it's a bit thicker than liquid silk which means it clings to the toy nicely - and even though it's water-based it stays moist for ages.