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Hi everyone.

We are new (ish) to anal fun, we have had lots of enjoyable anal sex but I am wondering - before full penis penetration, do you have to ease into it by using toys or can you just do it? I need to spend a long time with toys and things to open enough to be able to ‘get my partner in’. It is enjoyable but can take a while sometimes. Is there anything I can do inbetween anal sessions that may help?

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I would suggest getting some toys to play with in the lead up to an anal session. You can get butt plugs for example which are good.


Hi @BigEmma

The more you play (keeping it fairly frequent) the easier it gets.

Sometimes when we have anal, my hubby will get me ready with his fingers first.
But I find it comfortable enough as long as there’s plenty of moisture and he keeps it slow to start with.


As long as there’s lube and I’m totally turned on and up for it then no warm up is required (just a gentle start). For me it it 100% a mental thing, if I’m not in the mood then nothing is going in, if I’m turned on, crack on.

I did start with toys first before trying anal sex just to make sure I was comfortable with it but don’t tend to use them much anymore.


@BigEmma, wearing a Butt Plug for lengths of time throughout the day will change your world.



When she pegs me I can take the dildo with no initial preparation but I’ve been using large anal toys for a while now.
Before I penetrate her anally we prepare with a lube syringe and a butt plug so that the actually penetration is easy and comfortable.


Usually I’d recommend warming up with some toys first and maybe even make a point to use a toy every day just to get your muscles used to penetrating so then you’ll be able to take the real thing easier.
Also try using some lubes that specialise in anal muscle relaxing as that’ll help too :wink:


Hey! Hubby usually warms me up with his fingers and toys first if were playing.
Like @Blonde_Bunny said though, using a butt plug for prolonged times will also help. I don’t tend to use them day to day but if were having a full impact and play session, he will put one of my butt plugs in while I’m tied and whipped etc which goes on for a long time. He may change to a bigger one half way through if he feels like it but that helps. I can take anal penetration without any warm up but it’s nicer with it. I also like to play with my clit on entry as it realxes me just a bit more!


@BigEmma butt plugs are they way to go, buy a beginner plug and wear that for an hour or so before, not only will this open you up ready for anal penetration but it will also get things moving (if you catch my drift) for comfortable anal sex measure the girth of what or who you are having anal sex with and look for a butt plug of that size. 2 hours or so before anal take your time and insert your beginner butt plug then go about your day after 30 minutes to an hour remove and insert the size closest to to the girth your going to be taking. (Within reason) maybe. 5.5 inch circumference.


Thanks so much everyone for your advice! I’m definitely going to use your ideas and will look on lovehoney now for some anal lube and a bigger butt plug! Thanks again…xxxx

Sure LH used to do a ‘doc johnson’ butt plug set. I bought one for us years back- 3 pink coloured plugs from really thin to med then largest was about 5" circumference I would say.

We used alot, also bought a syringe type thing and filled with water based lube to ‘inject’ into OH anus rectum beforehand.

It worked well.

If your wanting it to happen - it will, just take your time.

A nice long hot bath first is even better especially if you play a bit with your bum hole first - a finger, then two, gently - short nails only. If not poss then small toy in bath. And just feel things relaxing and get in tune with body, you will know when it’s ready.

When you’re ready for real thing just talk to each each other, slowly does it.

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So me and the wife have just gotten into anal after 8 years! So far we have just lubed up and give for it doggy style a couple of times. As that’s the easiest position for entry. The second time we put an egg vibrator in her pussy which got her really close to orgasm by I just couldn’t last long enough. God damn her tight delicious arsehole.

She’s given the green light for more experimentation. So looking for advice about preferred positions. She’s said she likes it from behind because she’s surrendered all control, but also she wants me to play with her as I fuck her ass which is a logistical issue with Doggy. So what positions work for everyone?

When we used to do it, it was always spooning
On sides.

Doggy is my wife’s preferred position too as she finds the angle of entry most comfortable. She doesn’t come from penetration alone though (anal or vaginal) so she uses a bullet or midi wand on her clitoris to get to orgasm (often a few times) while I’m inside her. Usually though her orgasmic contractions in her anal muscles are enough to make me come along with her.

Doggy is my preferred position for anal, I’m most relaxed this way - recently I have use anal toys on my back with my legs pulled to chest but it’s not for me but was fun to try!..xxxx

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