Anal Bleeding

The other day I was using my inflatable butt plug and when it came out there was some blood on it. This has happened to me before, though not often, with other things and whenever it does happen the bleeding stops right away and doesn't seem to be a real problem. The time with the butt plug I may have created a tear, but I am not sure. This has only happened twice with the plug and both times the bleeding stops right away and I feel no pain or anything. I assume that I am not in any real trouble and that I should just wait a bit for it to heal (if it is a tear) before using the plug again. But how long would that normally take? I really want to use the plug but I know it is probably best to avoid using anything until it is healed. I also try to use plenty of lube and go slow when using it to be safe. Should I just wait it out or is there anything else I can do?


sorry cant answer your question just wanted to say is it possible it could be hemorroids? you could of popped one which would cause a little blood just a thought

I've never had one but I think they are supposed to be painful and there is no pain, so I don't think that is it

if youre not embarrased i'd g see youre gp and ask for a check up they know what goes on these days o don't worry too much about being embarrased at all

If it is a minor tear will it heal on its own?and if so how long would that take about? That is what I am guessing the case is and I plan to let it heal.